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Posted on Jan 5 2011 - 10:13am IST

new HM AmbassadorBy Shoeb R Kalania and Shrawan Raja

The ruler of Indian roads once upon a time, the Hindustan Ambassador is slated to bounce back with smart changes in 2011. Hindustan Motors plans to revamp the Amby brand and churn out new variants which it hopes will draw people back into their showrooms.

The task was assigned to Onio Design based in Pune to re-design and add life to the bulky, slow and tired guy.

A conclusion has been reached apparently. The Ambassador is going to be reduced in size by making the boot smaller. By doing so the vehicle can access excise benefits which will help reduce prices by a fair margin. The overall length of the Amby will be under four meters.

The new Ambassador will be actually made to look even older in terms of exterior styling. The design would remind us of the Landmaster/Oxford series 2 (which is a good thing). It will have a dash of chrome and retro styling.

A number of variants with engine options ranging from 1.5 to 2L will be available. Also expect CNG/LPG versions. But please don’t expect an Ambassador with cutting edge technology. The Ambirod by DC Design from Auto Expo 2008 is not going to be replicated.

So what we will get is the same old Amby with refreshed look and feel. It will be interesting to see how HM markets the product. They opened a Facebook page last year to collect feedback. By listening to customers and enthusiasts, HM will hope to bring out something unique that all of us aspire to own. Can HM do a Fiat 500 or a Mini?

Source – economictimes.indiatimes.com

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  1. ganeshram January 19, 2013 at - Reply

    I feel HM should Re Introduce
    BABY HINDUSTAN AKA Morris Minor with a 3 Cyl Petrol Engine or mate Fiat 1300CC petrol engine

    Having the following retro looks.

    Bi Xenon Headlamps and Tail Lamps like Beetle of Yesteryears.

    Bonnet slightly madeover to look like Fiat500

    Provide Sun/Moon Roof

    Instrument Panel Having all Meters and Gauges like in Amby Mark1 and Mark 2

    The Pricing around Rs4Lac

    Hope SRK will render one as i suggested


  2. rajeev a pillai November 9, 2012 at - Reply

    the back view is not good in the second photo

  3. KGeorge May 18, 2012 at - Reply

    Classy look from rear. Over the years Amby’s good looks from the front was spoiled. I believe Amby should have a hatchback and a classy model.

    The hatchback should help in the country use of more luggage.

  4. A V V RAO July 17, 2011 at - Reply

    If I remember correctly, in 1980s, an pick-up van called PORTER on Amby platform used to be sold by HM. Apart from this, an utility vehicle called Trekker on a tubular chassis with Amby mechanicals is to be sold and was very popular.

  5. Shrawan Raja July 17, 2011 at - Reply

    you are spot on :-)

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