Revamped Ambassador coming next year

Posted on: Mar 24, 2011 - 9:55am IST

Our beloved HM Ambassador might be the oldest face of automobiles in India, but it isn’t going to stay that way for long. The makeover is already underway for a 2012 reveal, Zigwheels has reported.

Interestingly, the new Amby will not merely be a cosmetic overhaul. There will be improvements made to its mechanicals, the report points out. The operation began last December and an universe of feedback from the Amby revival Facebook page would have come in handy.

All-new Amby could look stunning
All-new Amby could look stunning

The Amby’s nose will shed its straight lines for an aerodynamic bonnet. The round, 50’s-looking headlamps will be gotten rid of and in its place, wrap-around headlamps resembling the Suzuki Swift will be fitted.

The Amby’s engine will undergo changes and an anti-lock brake system with aluminium alloy wheels will also feature. Leather seats and upgraded interiors will make the Amby’s interiors more livable.

2011 HM Ambassador
Sub 4-meter Amby another strong possibility for 2011

Besides this all-new Ambassador, there could also be a sub 4-meter variant according to media reports from last year.

More details are expected to trickle in during the following months, so stay tuned to Indian Autos Blog.

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66 thoughts on “Revamped Ambassador coming next year

  1. Sunil John says:

    Ambassador is the oldest car industry, but they failed to sustain in the market because of the lack of innovation. First know the needs of customers and what your competitors offering to the customers. Then implement the things ahead of the expectations of anybody. Good service network, cheap spare-parts,low maintenance and good fuel efficiency can lead you into success. otherwise misfortune will follow you as always. Please try to learn from the work method of maruti suzuki, if you really want to do something better. Best wishes

  2. venky says:

    very good work by SRK. Keep it up!
    We are wishing HM to design this type of madel! Really it will rock in auto industry!

  3. SUNNY says:

    Great Work SRK !…I would recommend HM takes this design rather than scrathing their heads to design the new Amby…Would save them some time while they can focus on the engines and interiors… All The Very Best HM !

  4. SRK says:

    @ DK,Nilesh,Amit.

    Good to know you liked the design.

    I wish that HM brings the Ambassador back but not like what they are doing right now They should bring it in a new avatar.
    Something similar to what happened with the Mini,500,etc.

  5. DK says:

    I dread this…

  6. nilesh says:

    SRK has done a great job for the design. Looking HOT!!!

  7. Amit Sengupta says:

    Wow – SRK’s take on the modern Amby looks something out of Aston Martin or Jaguar! Wish HM’s final product is on similar lines


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