Bajaj mulling over Bajaj RE60 variant for personal commuting – Report

Posted on: Sep 2, 2015 - 4:03pm IST

Will be useful around intra-city commutes.

According to Business Standard, Bajaj is planning to introduce a variant of the Bajaj RE60 Quadricycle for personal commuting, which will be sold alongside the basic model that is currently undergoing ARAI certification.

Bajaj RE60 Auto Expo 2014 front yellow
A more-powerful, decently equipped version can help attract more people looking to buy it for personal use.

Despite being unveiled a long time back, the Bajaj RE60 is only now coming closer to launch thanks to the intervention by India’s Supreme Court to lift the stay of its launch due to the non-existence of a category for it.

A private version of the Bajaj RE60 with more equipment and power can help Bajaj reach a wider audience, and generate more sales figures.

Bajaj RE60 Auto Expo 2014 interior
The basic Bajaj RE60 is currently undergoing ARAI certification.

The Bajaj RE60 is powered by a 216 cc rear mounted engine developing 20 BHP of power, which is adequate around heavily populated cities. It could serve as a much safer replacement of the popular 3-wheeler auto rickshaw, thanks to the extra wheel and doors.

Bajaj RE60 – Image Gallery

[Source: Business Standard]

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One thought on “Bajaj mulling over Bajaj RE60 variant for personal commuting – Report

  1. k s pradeep says:

    If at all it is launched shall i presume the doctrine of the term people’s car emulating the stigma attached with the million sales associated with the Fiat’s 124,Citroen’s2cv the beetle or our very own Maruti 800.Mincing to the grass root level of the customer base is a different ball game, and the Bajaj group are well versed no doubt. hope this will be the best Diwali gift to us .


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