Tata Motors confirms Ace Zip electric variant – IAB Report

Posted on: Feb 11, 2015 - 8:23pm IST

Announcement made on the sidelines of the 100,000th Ace Zip roll out.

Tata Motors today confirmed that it is planning to introduce an electric version of the Tata Ace Zip.

The brief statement, issued on commemorating the 100,000-unit sales of the Ace Zip, read “Tata Motors is also planning to introduce an Electric version in the market.”

Tata Ace Zip with body graphics
The Ace Zip will also get more updates in the future like higher ground clearance, new engine configuration and CNG fuel option.

The company had produced a small number of units of the Ace EV at its Coventry assembly plant in 2011. It came in four derivatives – Chassis Cab, Drop Side, Box van and Tipper with optional cage. Its 25 kW motor produced 75 Nm, ample for a range of 50 km, and a similar configuration can be expected on the Ace Zip.

The company today also said that it would continuously improve the Ace Zip with technology and other updates, among which are hub reduction, higher ground clearance, new engine configurations, and CNG fuel option. Timelines for the introductions were not undisclosed.

Tata already have experience producing electric commercial vehicles, having made a few number of the 500kg-payload Ace EVs in the UK.

Tata currently manufactures 2,500 units of the Ace Zip a month at the Dharwad plant, making it the second best selling Ace variant. Another variant of the last-mile goods transporter, the Ace Zip XL, was showcased at the Auto Expo 2014, with its market launch still pending.

Compared to the 1,685 mm load-body length of the Ace Zip, the Ace Zip XL’s load-body is 1,875 mm, which is the “largest loading area in the category,” the company said at the time of the unveiling.

Tata Ace Zip XL – Image Gallery (unrelated)

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2 thoughts on “Tata Motors confirms Ace Zip electric variant – IAB Report

  1. Dr. Nayak says:

    What a waste of resources. Why they can’t design a car, a truck or a bus that uses a small motor cycle or moped engine that runs a generator all the time at optimum speed and powers a small bank of capacitors to run the traction motor? This mode of transportation will be much suitable for India as no plugins and expensive batteries are required. This technology is as old as cars, but not sexy, as it will not cost a lot and will be devoid of expensive battery which appears to be the big bragging point for these vehicles. With limited speed these vehicles will be great for local transportation. Tata as a company must think out of the box to be the leader and not to blindly follow developed nations with well-developed infra-structure that is hard to come by in India. God example of this mobile phone VS land lines and you know rest of the story!

    1. Duston says:

      Yes, I wish they could have acquired Reva, So that they can turn Nano into an electric car. e-Nano which makes real sense to the nano project.


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