Bosch eClutch (clutchless) transmission under test in India – Report

Posted on: Dec 31, 2014 - 2:30pm IST

Could be launched in 2016.

Bosch is working on a transmission system which allows the driver to change gears without needing to depress the clutch. The electronic clutch equipped transmission is currently being tested in India with a Honda Brio, says a report by Autocar Professional.

Honda Brio AT front
Bosch is currently using a Honda Brio as a test bed for its eClutch system. Picture of the Honda Brio AT used for representative purposes only.

Bosch’s eClutch acts as an actuator to disengage the clutch. It eliminates the use of clutch, but the gearshift remains manual only. That essentially means while it doesn’t compete with conventional automatic gearboxes, it’s easier to use than manuals, especially in stop-go traffic. With an intelligent control unit backing the system, the gearbox allows shifts without having to depress/manually disengage the clutch.

The eClutch is said to be more affordable than other automatics, AMT included. Recent arrival of products like the AMT-equipped Maruti Celerio and Alto K10 and Tata’s new compact sedan, the Zest, has led to an increasing demand of automatics.

With Bosch’s start-stop coasting technology, the system can be made 10 percent more efficient, but the report claims that Bosch will initially offer the system with an idle coasting mode only. What start-stop coasting mode does is that it lets the vehicle roll (at a reduced roll resistance) with the engine off, and as soon as the driver touches the accelerator pedal, the engine is brought to life again.

Bosch eClutch mechanism
Bosch’s eClutch mechanism uses a cable-free clutch.

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The report mentions that the system could be made available in India in 2016, which is still a whole year away.

[Source – Autocar Professional]

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2 thoughts on “Bosch eClutch (clutchless) transmission under test in India – Report

  1. jazz350 says:

    Since car manufacturers treat Indians as dopes in disregarding basic safety features the Government should force them to comply sooner rather than later. Furthermore, as fossil fuel is being wasted on a large scale the Start/Stop system must also be mandated in every car, as Dr Nayak has said this is not rocket science and can be designed and manufactured very cheaply, wake up IIT.

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    Where are the IIT startups in this area? Theses ideas are almost century old with a new twist. You don’t need Bosch but need garage besed developers to come up with these products at price points of $ 20. These include digital direct injection, multipoint single sensor airbags, Servo based ABS, urea injection, vision based camera integration/ blind spot detection, pothole detection and avoidance, laser based collision detection and avoidance, and electro magnetic suspension. All these are $ 10 to 20 items when produced in bulk from basic stage with new programmable ASIC chipsets. This is something that all new startups in this field can think of producing in India that are cost effective and better than the current overpriced versions.


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