IAB Report – Mercedes introduces new naming structure for SUVs

Posted on: Nov 12, 2014 - 9:21am IST

Confirms ‘GLE Coupe’ as the name for its first coupe-like SUV.

Mercedes-Benz has officially announced its new naming structure, which sees the names of most of its SUVs change. These new names will come into effect beginning next year.

Mercedes-Benz new model names
Save for the GLA and G, all of Mercedes’s SUVs get a name change.

The company has branched its cars into four groups – Core model series, Off-road, 4-door coupe and Roadsters. The names of the core models (A, B, C, E and S Class) remain unchanged. And similarly, the 4-door coupes (CLA and CLS) do not see any changes.

Merc’s entry-level crossover, the GLA which is based on the A Class, does not get a name change. However, the GLK Class, which is based on the previous generation C Class, will henceforth be called the GLC. Likewise, the ML and GL will be called the GLE and GLS respectively from 2015, signifying that they can be related to the E Class and S Class from the core model series.

Mercedes-Benz new variant names
Lower case alphabets will represent the fuel type of the vehicle.

The iconic G Class/G Wagen, retains its name though. Further, the company confirms that its first SUV with a coupe like body will be called the GLE Coupe.

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Coming to the roadsters, the SLK sees its name changed to the SLC, while the SL remains as it is.

There are also changes to the way a fuel-variant will be called. For example, currently, a diesel E Class with the 3.0-liter V6 engine is known as the E 350 CDI. From 2015, it will simply be called E 350 d. Similarly, lower-case alphabets like c, e, f and h will be used to denote Natural Gas Drive, Plug-in hybrid, fuel cell and hybrid respectively.

Mercedes GLA – Image Gallery (Unrelated)

Mercedes Introduces New Nomenclature – Press Release

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