Comparo – Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City vs New Vento and Rapid vs Verna

Posted on: Oct 6, 2014 - 2:02pm IST

Maruti launched the Ciaz today with prices starting at INR 6.99 lakhs, ex-Showroom, New Delhi. Here’s a spec-sheet comparison of the Ciaz with its rivals.


Though the Linea is the longest car in this class, the Ciaz has the longest wheelbase at 2,650 mm, while the Linea, City and Sunny take respective second and third positions with their 2,603 mm and 2,600 mm wheelbases. The Vento and the Rapid have the least at 2,552 mm.

Maruti Ciaz launch

Clearly, Maruti have given the Ciaz generous proportions as the sedan gets a class leading width of 1,730 mm (same as that of the Linea), and the City and Sunny which measure 1,695 mm in this department are the narrowest cars. Maximum boot space can be found in the City and Ciaz which can eat up 510 liters worth luggage.


Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City vs New Vento and Rapid vs Verna diesel

The 1.3-liter Fiat MultiJet engine in the Ciaz makes the least amount of power and torque in this segment. On the other side, the Verna’s 1.6-liter unit makes a class leading 128 PS and 265 Nm, followed by the new 1.5-liter VW engine making 105 PS and 250 Nm under the hoods of the Vento and Rapid.

The Verna and the City come standard with a 6-speed manual transmission and the rest get a 5-speed box. The Rapid, Vento and Verna are the only cars here to offer an automatic transmission. A modern 7-speed DSG is found in the Rapid and Vento and the Verna can be had with the a conventional 4-speed automatic.

The Ciaz is the most fuel efficient of the lot at 26.21 km/l, followed closely by the City’s 26 km/l.


Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City vs New Vento and Rapid vs Verna petrol

Once again, the Ciaz is the least powerful car of the lot thanks to its 1.4-liter K-Series engine, whereas the Verna continues to hold on to its title of the most powerful (on paper). A 5-speed manual transmission is seen across the range, and the City and Sunny can even be had with a CVT gearbox.

VW offers the 7-speed DSG with the 1.2-liter TSI engine on the Vento and Skoda gives an option of a 6-speed automatic transmission on the Rapid. The Verna and Ciaz meanwhile get 4-speed torque converter units.


Starting at INR 6.99 lakhs for the base petrol, the Ciaz and Sunny are the cheapest cars in this segment. In the diesel class, the new Fiesta at INR 7.87 lakhs undercuts the Ciaz’s starting price of INR 8.04 lakhs.

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9 thoughts on “Comparo – Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City vs New Vento and Rapid vs Verna

  1. Carlover says:

    Looks like you guys never driven the VW Vento. If you do, none of your below points will be valid and you will choose the Vento. Please don’t compare any brand other than Honda with VW, though it also can’t match the build quality and the materials used. Period.

  2. Anonymous says:

    On test drive with Honda City noticed it doesnt have much comfort while seated in rear and you can feel that the car have went over a small bump even. Please confirm whether Honda City have a poor suspension at the rear. Thought of buying one but dropped when experience the rear comfort.

  3. Sathish Subramanian says:

    If you are a person who thinks car is just something that takes you from A to B and dont want the hassles with servicing, probably Ciaz may be the choice. But it is boring.

    If you want to be safe and go with the crowd, then City may be the choice. But the build quality is poor, doors are flimsy and I think Honda is cutting the price and matching it with poor quality that Indian Market doesnt seem to mind. But it has probably got the best engine.

    If you want to be adventurous, like driving and love the feel of good interiors. Rapid should be your choice.

  4. Ganshram says:

    For Tamilnadu they have got thePricing wrong
    Launch Pricefor Petrol AT 9.97 Lcs EX show room —waiting period 4 months.
    MUL will definitely Increase the Prices by 3% in January 2015 Citing ….all Input Costs have gone Up….Dollar at high rates—- Price Going overRs10Lacs Ex showroom
    This Results in Regn Charge going to 15% in TN -for Ex showroom Price above 10 Lacs.
    So Customers will Prefer Honda City as Its proven and Has a Snob Value.
    If MUL wants to suceed they have to Cross Subdize and maintain Price atleast for 1 Year
    Otherwise Ciaz will go the Baleno, SX4 …Out
    Hope the Mandrins at MUL realise this

  5. ishank says:

    i think maruti suzuki ciaz is the best car in its segment

  6. ishank says:

    i think maruti suzuki ciaz is the best car in its segment

  7. sharan says:

    i think the best car is honda city

  8. hi2aravind says:

    good pricing – though it could have been little more lower. Ciaz is having lesser power engines.

    1. Amit says:

      Skoda Rapid


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