Clone of the Range Rover Evoque meets production in China

Posted on: Aug 1, 2014 - 3:48pm IST

China-based Landwind Motors have started production of their new SUV called the Landwind X7. And as these images show, the company has used the Range Rover Evoque for a more than a subtle design inspiration. The X7 gets Evoque-like headlights, bumpers, roofline, doors, grille..and we can go on until tomorrow with the list.

landwind x7 clone evoque spied front
No prizes for guessing from where the Landwind X7 gets its design inspiration.

Where the Evoque gets the ‘Range Rover’ name on its bonnet lip, Landwind seem to have mockingly used the ‘Land Wind’ name with a similar font on the bonnet of the X7.

Inside, the overall design of the cabin and center tunnel cheaply imitate the Evoque, but individual components like the steering wheel, AC vents, instrument cluster and gearlever are different.

Also different is the platform underpinning the car, as the X7 is based on the larger X8’s platform according to several Chinese media reports. Power for the crossover will come from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine making about 190 bhp and 250 Nm of torque, and transmissions are reported to be either a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic.

landwind x7 clone evoque spied rear quarter
The X7 is likely to cost a fourth of the Evoque when it goes on sale in China.

When it goes on sale in China by the end of this year, the X7 is expected to cost 120,000 yuan (INR 11.81 lakhs) while the Evoque (locally made in China) is expected to cost from 425,000 yuan (INR 41.86 lakhs) at least.

Landwind X7 – Image Gallery

[Spy images from Auto Sohu]

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11 thoughts on “Clone of the Range Rover Evoque meets production in China

  1. Vijay Kamat says:

    Better Tata Motors makes a similar copy and sells it all over the world. Indians would would not mind paying Rs20Lac for a look a like Evoque. Since both companies are owned by TATA, there should not be any problem.

    Suzuki Wagon-R is sold as Maruti Wagon-R, Opel Agila, Chevrolet Cruze, some indonesian name I cant remember, but the rates for different markets are different.

    Yesterday I stumbled upon website of Great Wall Motors. One of their double cab pick up uses Bosch and Getrag parts, now the label only seems chinese, even the price is comparable to Tata Xenon double cab.

  2. Rahul says:

    Interesting to know that Landwind is an indirect child of Ford Motor Co. and Chinese state owned company..

    @car enthusiast Please get your basics right before making such non sense comment on social platform. M&M is performing extremely well in India. Just have a look at sales charts of Bolero and Scorpio.. One of the most reputed and innovative Indian brands!!

  3. Deepak Chablani says:

    Even in the automobile industry, manufacturers of the highest ranks copy liberally from one another.

    But for the Land Wing, as with lots of other Chinese cars & products- pity them !!! The copyright rules are a joke these days !

  4. Madhav says:

    Why would someone like JLR (Tata) waste time, money suing a china replica when the ‘quality’ of these replicas and the ‘intended users’ are written all over the wall!!! 🙂

    For ex: we have seen umpteen copies of iPhone…. did any come close to the original iPhone?

  5. car enthusiast says:

    mahindra shud get to learn from chinese motoworld,its ok if u improve by drawing inspiration from somewher else. way better than bolero n scorpio or quanto or qualis. alll sober mahindra design. wish landwind sell this in india

  6. Dhan Dhanadhan says:

    SOME folks buy copies of garments, accessories, furniture, etc.

    MANY folks buy items that have SOME elements reminescent of higher priced luxury goods.

    So why not cars? Sure there is a market for it.

    And at 1/4 th the price of the original, the Land Wind will find takers who do not care what the neighbours have to say.

    Hats off to these folks who unabashedly stand out.

    As for the subject of rights and LandRover…well… sustainable growth does not come by simply clinging on to copyrights, but instead through continuous innovation and improved value.


  7. Charak Patnaik says:

    This is obnoxious! So called the next “Powerful” nation seems running short on designs. Such ethics needs to be condemned to the core. Landwind, companies like you bring shame to the automobile industry.

  8. $@! says:

    Isn’t Rover suing them? or is it ok in China to copy the complete product???


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