IAB Report – Indian vehicle owners complaining of fewer issues: JD Power Asia Pacific

Posted on: Aug 6, 2014 - 1:00pm IST

Maruti and Toyota come on top.

Vehicle dependability in India is going up, with more owners complaining less about problems with their vehicles, says a report issued by JD Power Asia Pacific. A total of 38 percent of respondents mentioned that they were experiencing no problems with their vehicles.

The report, officially titled the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 India Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), is now in its 7th year and takes into account original owners of vehicles that are at least 30-42 months old in 169 problem symptoms across 9 vehicle categories.

JD Power Asia Pacific - Vehicle Dependability Survey 2014 results

In absolute terms, people reported 218 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) in 2014, compared to the 280 PP100 last year. The study also reveals that although owners of diesel-powered vehicles reported more problems than petrol-powered vehicles, the disparity between the two is coming down. In 2012, the gap between the PP100 in diesel and petrol powered vehicles was 71 and this has come down to 22 PP100 in the recent survey.

Problems like uneven tire wear, excessive misalignment and unusual suspension noises were most common amongst owners of diesel-powered vehicles. Noise-related issues, possibly one of the most common problems with diesel vehicles, have also come down from 47 PP100 in 2011 to 32 PP100 in 2014.

The study took into account 70 vehicles in 12 vehicle segments. Maruti Suzuki and Toyota have 2 models in their respective categories, with the Swift Dzire ranked best in the entry midsize segment and SX4 highest in the midsize segment. For Toyota, the Innova ranks best in the MUV/MPV segment, with the bigger Fortuner leading in the SUV segment.

JD Power Asia Pacific – Vehicle Dependability Survey 2014

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2 thoughts on “IAB Report – Indian vehicle owners complaining of fewer issues: JD Power Asia Pacific

  1. Manish says:

    Wow, what a white lie this reports publish.

    All companies, not only car makers but other white goods and internet service providers have fantastic way to up their response time and customer satisfaction reports. When you lodge a complain, the engineer visits and whether problem is solved or not, the complain is closed.

    Moreover, Indians lives with CHALTA HAI philisophy.

    One example,I had made complain to Maruti for worse after sales services but no response[ i have to write many email]. I got so called formal email but no solution. Finally after many follow-ups, Maruti was and is not interested to solve the problem, I left further complaining to Maruti but take every moment to feed my fellow Indians to not buy products from manufactures who them selves can’t service it well or not intend to service it well inspite of customer paying them.

    1. Anand says:

      I completely agree with you Manish. I had a manufacturing defect and that exposed after I changed the rear brakes of my Swift. No one could fix the problem and I drove with that problem for 10k KMs. Finally after so many follow up, the issue got fixed. The worst part is they don’t know where exact problem was. I decided not to choose any Suzuki products after that. Now I am happy with Honda City …though I am spending lil bit more on services. That’s fine, I get peace …;)


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