IAB Report – Honda Mobilio gets 10,000 bookings since launch

Posted on: Aug 4, 2014 - 10:56am IST

Honda Cars India’s Senior Vice President for marketing and sales, Mr. Jnaneswar Sen, announced this month that the Mobilio has racked up over 10,000 bookings since its launch on July 23.

The MPV, which is priced between INR 6.49 lakhs to INR 8.76 lakhs for the petrol variants, and between INR 7.89 lakhs and INR 10.86 lakhs for the diesel variants (ex-Showroom, New Delhi), received over 5,800 pre-launch bookings before it went on sale.

Honda Mobilio Petrol Review front three quarter
The Honda Mobilio has racked up 10,000 bookings so far.

Honda’s sales breakup for the month of July 2014 indicates that the company sold a total of 3,365 units of the Mobilio. Total domestic car sales accounted for 15,709 units, with the new City leading the sales chart with 7,705 units, followed by the Mobilio, and the Amaze which sold 4,507 units. The Mobilio accounted for 21.4 percent of Honda Cars India’s sales last month. The company recorded a growth of 40 percent compared to the same month last year.

Based on the same platform as the Brio and Amaze, the Mobilio is powered by 1.5-liter petrol and diesel engines carried over from the new City. A sporty RS variant exclusively available on the diesel model will start deliveries post September this year.

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15 thoughts on “IAB Report – Honda Mobilio gets 10,000 bookings since launch

  1. Alok Arora says:

    I am very surprised and not able to understand how a car like mobilio can get more than 10000 booking since its launch?? I was one of the ‘5800’ tag who did the prebooking. After its launch I went for test drive with my family and shockingly rejected as interior too worst, seats not at all comfy, poor plastic, poor finishing, etc etc. After reading so many negative reviews online and talking to 2 of my closest friend – again negative, decided to cancel the booking and felt quite happy thinking that I just saved myself from buying a failed product.

    Then my question is why people are buying? Arent these people aware of its shortcomings? Not 1 or 2 but so many. How 10000 booking so much that honda is shifting city production to other plant and G Noida only for mobilio? What I am missing? Pls someone solve this mystery.

  2. Murali says:

    Article heading is misleading. These numbers are for nearly two months. Honda was taking bookings even prior to launch.

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      Hi Murali,

      The statement released by the company says “10,000 bookings since its launch”. The title is not misleading.

  3. Manish says:

    This was always on the cards. I will always count on my horrifying experiences availing services for my maruti car, it is like a fish market and quality of service is pathetic. Once I even wrote to maruti HO for poor service, I was lucky to get reply after two reminders, but no action taken, which was expected. No everytime my car’s service is due, I repent buying maruti.

    Maruti wants to sell more and more but they don’t want to keep same pace with service facilities expansion, so customers are bound to suffer.

    Buy Ertiga once and suffer for many years…….

    Now, atleast we have fair options, I will never buy products/car from vendors who don’t have proper service and attitude to serve. Better I will prefer Honda..

  4. VMARIMUTHU says:

    HONDA is (mis)using the peoples respect and eagerness keeping over HONDA PRODUCTS by pricing mobilio higher.In the long run it will face problems.LET RENAULT LODGY COMES ,We will see the scene.Price difference of more than a LAKH over Ertiga is no way acceptable one.

  5. mushtaq khan says:

    As campair to mobilio the eritga is too good

    1. mahaeaj says:

      Definitely. Enjoy and quanto much much better cars

  6. Goutham says:

    Interesting numbers to read. I had pre-booked the mobilio and after taking the test drive and looking at the vehicle .. Now Canceling the booking. Going for ertiga.

    Simply the pricing for mobilio doesn’t work with people who will do there homework before they buy.

    For the brand they have built the lousy interiors doesn’t go well. Can’t pay 13 lac just for the engine or design. Mass needs overall package .

    There will be buyers for mobilio ..unless they drop the price they can’t catch the ertiga… Not even in there dreams.

    1. Amit says:

      I also decided to keep myself away from Mobilio after seeing the poor interior and cheap seats.

  7. Deepak Chablani says:

    It was more or less expected numbers. However, I do feel Honda would struggle to keep up with Ertiga in the long run considering the ambitious pricing it has adopted for Mobilio. Ertiga is a pretty close match for Mobilio but the price difference accounting to more than a lakh doesn’t justify the product value of Mobilio. Sorry, cant even imagine a car priced at 10 lakhs INR and not having adjustable headrests ???

    1. jaiviru says:

      Agreed . The ertiga still number 1 . Though The enjoy is a real value deal . A very under rated car …

  8. Srini says:

    Is that a hype???? Some auto makers are known for bloating figures just to justify their doings or try to impose the success on others….!! If that’s true…that makes ground breaking for Honda….!! Let’s wait and watch….!!


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