Comparo – Suzuki Let’s vs Honda Activa vs Yamaha Alpha vs TVS Wego, Jupiter vs Hero Maestro

Posted on: May 6, 2014 - 2:47pm IST

The recently-launched Suzuki Let’s will have to compete with the Honda Activa, Yamaha Alpha, TVS Wego, TVS Jupiter and Hero Maestro. Needless to say, the scooter market sees highest sales in the 110 cc segment, with Honda’s Activa accounting for almost fifty percent of the market.

In terms of power, the Let’s is the most powerful scooter in its segment producing 8.7 hp from a 112.8 cc engine. In comparison, the Yamaha Alpha produces only 7.1 hp (least in its class) even though it has the largest engine here at 113 cc. The Wego, Jupiter and Activa produce 8 hp while the Maestro makes 0.2 hp more. The Hero also makes the most torque at 9.1 Nm, while the Suzuki follows a close second at 9 Nm.

Suzuki Let's vs Honda Activa vs Yamaha Alpha vs TVS Wego, Jupiter vs Hero Maestro

In terms of wheelbase, the two TVS products feature the most at 1,275 mm, thanks to their length at 1,834 mm which happens to be the longest in this segment. The Activa has the shortest wheelbase at 1,238 mm.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Activa at 60 km/l offers the least, while the competition (excluding the Maestro) are evenly matched at 62 km/l.

Pricing wise, Suzuki have clearly undercut the competition, pricing the Let’s at INR 46,925 ex-Showroom, Chennai. The Let’s is priced INR 2,596 lower than the Activa. However, it remains to be seen if Suzuki can actually dent the Activa’s market share by mere pricing alone.

Suzuki Let’s – Image Gallery

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15 thoughts on “Comparo – Suzuki Let’s vs Honda Activa vs Yamaha Alpha vs TVS Wego, Jupiter vs Hero Maestro

  1. manas pal says:

    Please mention the full details of bikes about the millage and maintainance.

  2. R.S. Mathur says:

    I want to know whether Alpha Yamaha is better than Activa or Jupitier

  3. Kate Ale says:

    I currently have a Honda Aviator, but have just undergone back surgery and am looking for a scooter with softer suspension as I find the Aviator ride very hard.

    I live in Nepal so Im assuming the road conditions are similar – OK to totally rubbish, blighted with bumps and pot holes.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved – Ive been looking online at the TVS Jupiter and Yamaha Lets but am open to any suggestions.


    1. Ashish Gupta says:

      Mr. Kate Ale, My suggestion is to go for Suzuki LETS. I have recently purchased the vehicle and trust me its very smooth on bumpy areas and being light in weight will not hurt ur back too…
      LETS is a perfect combination of More mileage and great power/performance with least weight. Just take a test ride and feel the vehicle.

    2. Murli says:

      Assuming TVS service centre is available near your place, y recommendation for bad roads is to go buy the TVS Wego which has the best suspension among the scooters today. Close to it is Suzuki Swish/Access. Also Wego and Jupiter has 12inch wheels which helps in bad roads. Yamaha Alpha has low ground clearance and stiff suspension.
      Most reviews have talked poorly about Activa suspension.

  4. suzuku new fan says:

    I have baught the scooter. It looks good in white, black and silver colours. I got 55 milage in initial 300 kms. I am expecting it to improve after 1000 kms and 1st service. Above 60 speed it runs more smoothly. Braking power is good. It doesn’t skid. The engine characteristic are almost same as suzuki access. You’ll find better pickup compared to any other 110 cc scooter in the market. Overall its good VFM package with good mileage and sensible useful features

  5. Sandeep says:

    But cosidering the weight 98kgs factor the power is correct. As other all are in range of 104kgs. so suzuki has arrived to higher torque. This is same with Activa I.

  6. Arun says:

    review seems to be vague. Kindly post more about pillion rider comfort range, suspension etc etc

  7. Amartya Ghosh says:

    The Let’s is somewhat handicapped because it delivers the maximum torque at a relatively higher (by 1000 rpm) revs, in effect making the torque (and correspndingly power) curve steeper than the competition. It also makes the engine more thirsty (consequently more inefficient and prone to wear & tear). Wonder what made Suzuki engineers think they could build a motogp engine of 100 cc (113) and graft it on a scooter!

    1. SANAL V NAIR says:

      Dear, Lets engine is designed and manufactured by Japanese engineers!. I am sure they knew better than you about Engineering in general and this engines in particular!!. 🙂

  8. surojit says:

    without power to weight ratio these comparisons are incomplete.

    1. nitin says:

      Yes.and also need to know about ride comfort and seat height and overall handling..


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