Report – Hyundai India tops manufacturing capacity utilisation, GM India finishes last

Posted on: May 27, 2014 - 2:58pm IST

Following massive investments into capacity installations and expensive marketing campaigns, automobile manufacturers in India are now looking towards the new government to improve market conditions.

A report says that the average capacity utilisation of manufacturing facilities in India stands at 55 percent. While all plants put together can roll out 51.38 lakh cars a year at full steam, total production last fiscal stood at 28.49 lakh units.

Hyundai India Chennai factory pre-delivery inspection
At 91 percent capacity utilisation, Hyundai Motor India stood at the top of the list.

Standing at the bottom of the list is General Motors India. With sales plunging and a low demand for its vehicles, the company had utilised just 28 percent of its facilities. With equipment set up to make 2.82 lakh cars, only 78,426 units were made last fiscal by the company. GM India had, for a brief period in 2013, stopped production due to issues with the then recently launched Chevrolet Sail, Enjoy and the Sail U-VA.

Capacity utilization auto makers in India FY 2013-14

Straddling the average are companies like Renault-Nissan and, surprisingly, Honda Cars India. With the commencement of production at Tapukara, Honda’s tally is tilted towards one side. India’s largest exporter, however, is also enjoying almost complete capacity utilisation. At 91 percent, Hyundai Motor India has topped the list.

Hyundai has consistently maintained a ratio between its export and domestic production. In 2012, it had sold 3.91 lakh units in India while exporting 2.5 lakh units. With sales in 2013 dropping marginally to 3.80 lakh units, exports subsequently went up to 2.53 lakh units.

chevrolet sail sedan front left quarter
With brief stoppages in production in 2013 for issues relating to the Chevrolet Sail, amongst other models, GM India used just 28 percent of its capacity.

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Another serial exporter, Ford India, had used up 67 percent of its Chennai facility. It had recently announced that a third shift would be started to up the production of the Ford EcoSport.

[Source – Economic Times]

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3 thoughts on “Report – Hyundai India tops manufacturing capacity utilisation, GM India finishes last

  1. Jalil Gnaniar says:

    Hi ,Karthick a very informative analysis you have uploaded . With Ford starting a third shift soon it should run at almost full utilization.It remains to be seen how that pans out in the India context .

    Also can we have a separate Tata – Fiat graph .

    With respect to the Renault – Nissan combine the situation should change with Datsun coming in .

  2. ravi says:

    Hi Karthick when u could post all other manufacturers like Maruti,tata, your info will be look as finished info to people like us. Whenever u provide, provide us full and clear. We should enjoy by reading it. Hope so you’ll change this scene in near future days. Thank you

    1. Hello Mr. Ravi, we have updated the graphic that gives out the information you have requested.


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