Report – Tata Motors’ new X0 platform hatchback to roll out of Sanand next year

Posted on: Apr 22, 2014 - 4:06pm IST

Tata Motors is planning to build what it calls a ‘high-volume’ product on the X0 platform, which refers to the Indica platform.

Just like how the upcoming Tata Bolt is a reskinned Vista with new technology, the new car, developed in a similar fashion, will replace the Indica eV2, says the company’s representative quoted by a report on the Financial Express. The car will be priced between Rs 3-4 lakh and will compete against the likes of the Maruti Wagon R, says the same executive.

2013 Tata Indica eV2 rear three quarter view
The new sub-Bolt model would be a revitalized Tata Indica eV2.

This new car would be manufactured in Tata Motors’ Sanand plant from 2015, where production of the Tata Nano is marching along at a terribly slow pace. The plant, set up to manufacture 20,000 units a month, right now only rolls out 1,000-2,000 units each month. To make this plant financially viable, the production of the X0 based car will be out of here, says the report.

Plans for production of the Tata Bolt are being changed, says the report. The production that was supposed to take place at the Ranjangaon plant – which Tata shares with Fiat – has been shifted to Tata’s own plant near Pune. This, apart from making it easier for Tata in terms of controlling the production, also makes it cheaper as it does not have to pay Fiat to use the Ranjangaon facilities, cites the report.

[Source – Financial Express]

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10 thoughts on “Report – Tata Motors’ new X0 platform hatchback to roll out of Sanand next year

  1. Mohit Verma says:

    I hope the new product would definitely be good looking as we have seen the style and quality in the zest and bolt upcoming cars.

  2. Ramish says:

    Why can’t TATA motors change the shape a la ‘mini SUV’. TATA has done something similar to a crossover on a display model during AutoExpo’14.

    Just increase the GC to about 185 mm, give a mini SUVish look and Voila…. even 4.5 L for such a vehicle would be VFM.

  3. Dr. Nayak says:

    It is all about styling Stupid; as they say! Extreme modern feel, styling, and quality are what they need to sell in this category. Test every component to death and have a tight finish, so that people can feel it is a quality product and worth buying. Options are not that important as people may not prefer to pay more in this sub category, but level of safety is important; if Tata has to progress above the international players. I would say, innovate to introduce $10 airbags, $20 antilock brakes with sETC (Software defined electronic traction control), and $ 20 software defined electronic fuel injection (not different from your generic ink jet printer). All of these technologies are available from start-up companies or can be developed from open/readily available architecture based on cheap application specific integrated chips (less than $1), and not big/expensive central processing unit.

    1. Ramish says:

      You seems to be an expert in Automobiles technology. I appreciate your ideas for technological leaps but from business perspective, TATA motors is running out of time. They must come back in the game ASAP. R&D for new systems with start-ups would take not less than 6-7 years to be incorporated in their products considering design development, validation, prototyping, testing, manufacturing…

      TATA must launch new & quality products as quickly as possible (even if it is a ‘Copy-Paste’, but a full hearted attempt).

  4. Sreekanth Jayadevan says:

    Isn’t the Ranjagaon plant a 50:50 JV b/w Fiat and Tata. Then why Tata has to pay ??

  5. Aravind says:

    They just need to have 2-3 killer products rather than having too many. I hope they are working on quality/durability/reliability aspects which will take care of sales automatically.

  6. MS says:

    TATA planning a replacement for Indica V2 now? What were they doing all these years?? We have been hearing this news for years, first as TATA dolphin and now as XO.

  7. Dhananjayan says:

    I was expecting them to produce an whole all-new car on an all-new platform!
    Maybe this is just a decoy news.

  8. Ramesh says:

    I hope Tata comes up with a bold and fresh design for this car and dont rehash the Indica design.


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