Auto Expo Live – Tata Nano Twist Active Concept (with openable hatch) revealed

Posted on: Feb 6, 2014 - 1:19pm IST

The Tata Nano Twist Active Concept is a strong hint at the future look of the Tata Nano when it heads for a cosmetic refresh. A wider smiling grille is set on the front with a light catcher around the new front and rear bumper, a new bonnet trim, black trim around the daylight opening area and a partitioned headlamp sum up the external changes.

Tata Nano Twist Active Concept front fascia

Another main feature on this car is the openable tailgate seen on the Nano for the first time.

Tata Nano Twist Active Concept dashboard

The car’s interior is enriched with a new range of colours, and as a design, it is similar to the current Nano. The concept is fitted with power steering (Electric Power Assisted Steering or EPAS) and LED fuel gauge and coolant temperature gauge, three features that were launched on the Tata Nano Twist a few weeks earlier. The car retains the all-wheel drum brake setup and the four speed manual transmission.

Tata Nano Twist Active Concept opeanble hatch

The Nano Twist Active is giving more meaning to its revised positioning of a ‘Smart City Car’.

Tata Nano Twist Active Concept Image Gallery

Tata Nano Twist Active Concept Press Release

[Can’t see the press release here? Head over to SlideShare]

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13 thoughts on “Auto Expo Live – Tata Nano Twist Active Concept (with openable hatch) revealed

  1. Ravi says:

    The new NANO Twist is remarkably done well,with its new features that is rear bonnet and three spokes steering wheel looks stunning,and the unique power assisted steering all this under a price tag of just 2,36,000 is what the wonder is,The nano twist is refreshingly surprising,This is what is called a wonder car,I hope TATA gives even more surprises to the Indian consumer with the Brand name NANO,I really appreciate for the TATA and the team for their remarkable achievement.

  2. Saffron says:

    The only reason this car is cheap because it lacks all the safety equipments and is built to be cheap, if they are going to add all the modern safety features it will easily breach the 4 lakh mark, the usp of the nano is its low price hence the nano will always be a coffin on wheels until we Indian consumers wake up to the reality and start asking questions

    1. Bhargava says:

      Dear Saffron,

      You need to understand that some of the cars that were tested by NCAP a few days ago, also yielded a ‘Zero’ rating or ‘Poor’ rating, and I would like to EMPHASIZE that those cars are QUITE EXPENSIVE (some of them are above INR 4 lakhs).

      There is a car that sells at INR 1.7 lakhs (starting price) and there are cars that sells above INR 4 lakhs (starting price). Now, why did a car that sells at more than twice the cost of Nano fail the test??? How do people miss fact?

      INR 4 lakhs is not relatively “cheap” and those 4 lakhs segment cars are supposed to be not “built to be cheap”… right? So the Indian consumers should wake up to the reality and start questioning those manufacturers who are not providing safety features in cars that are selling at more than twice the cost of Tata Nano.

      As I said earlier, no single car or manufacturer can influence the safety regulations. The Indian government should force every manufacturer who wish to sell their cars in India conform to all the required safety standards – OR ELSE – cancel their manufacturing licence in India.

      In that scenario a car that currently sells at INR 4 lakhs, sells at INR 7 to 8 lakhs and Tata Motors would be happy to sell the Nano at INR 4 to 5 lakhs.

      And who said Tata Nano is “built to be cheap”?? There is a concept Nano for the European markets that meets all the safety standards but is quiet expensive for the Indian market.

      And finally I would like to ask everyone a question. Imagine a family of 4 (Husband, Wife and 2 kids) on a motorcycle…. you don’t even have to imagine… can find plenty of them riding on Indian roads…… now let’s say they have lost balance due to bad roads or due to rainy weather, and (god forbid) fell on the road….. they would be seriously or even fatally injured…..

      Now this is where (Indian) Tata Nano’s purpose comes into existence. It provides an affordable, all-weather form of transport with BASIC SAFETY WHICH A MOTORCYCLE OR BIKE OR SCOOTER CANNOT OFFER!!!

      1. Anirban says:

        Nice reply mate … Why don’t you u understand guys t it is still better to ride 4 person in a bike …. Tata thought for us …. that was the fault …… Tata can make also Landrover jaguar class car … Do every INDIAN can buy it ?

  3. Dr. Nayak says:

    This car with certain changes in terms of safety (ABS, 6 airbags, rollover cage, and 360 degree camera) will be the best city car in the world at any price.

  4. Bhargava says:

    Everything about this variant (concept for the moment) is Quiet Impressive. The open-able tail-gate adds yet another dimension to this re-positioned car !!

    The interiors have improved. The Headlamps looks beautiful. The Frontal chrome strip and the ‘T” logo are integrated well. The Steering wheel looks nice. The front Fog lamps looks bigger (don’t know if it is an illusion) and better now.

    The only thing I didn’t like is the front and rear smiling grill, they are too wide and not partitioned.

    Few other things I would like to mention:

    a. The Battery under the driver seat is visible, and can easily be hidden in a compartment.

    b. Vanity mirror cover can be provided for the left sun visor.

    c. A Day-Night tab can be added to the cabin rear-view mirror.

    d. Rear Power Windows for the higher-end variants would be great.

    c. Puddle lamps and Door Warning (red) lamps on the doors wouldn’t cost much and is also easy to install as the Power Windows wiring harness is already running into the doors (and no special wiring planning is required).

    1. Bhargava says:

      I guess it’s not about the (bigger) size of the front grille, may be it’s the pattern that didn’t gel-well with the big grille.

      Or may be it looks better in real than in photographs.

  5. Sushrut says:

    Absolutely agree.. need disk brakes and 800Cc turbo charged Revotron engine and hell I promise I will line up first for this baby.

  6. Deepak Chablani says:

    The openable hatch is hugely welcome. The interiors look classy but the design change didn’t impress me. The wide smiling grill looks ugly on the front fascia, Tata needs to incorporate sharp, aggressive design elements on their cars. The days of the smiling grill design are over.

    All said, I feel it’s the best car in India in this price range. Maruti seems to be satisfied with their boring cars and I’m afraid if they would be forced to see a fast declining sales trend in India.

  7. sandy says:

    Disk brakes or ABS, adjustable rear head rest, solid and safer body shell/cage with airbags, better dynamics are something that Tata may soon make into Nano or car based on Nano platform in future; something I want to believe for Tata.

  8. Prashant says:

    Please introduce disk brakes into this.. It will be a complete package for all round city car..

    Hats off Mr. Tata.. you are a real innovation star..


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