Breaking – Nissan cuts ties with distributor Hover Automotive, will sell cars independently

Posted on: Feb 14, 2014 - 10:29am IST

Nissan has released a statement this morning that its Indian subsidiary – Nissan Motor India Private Ltd (NMIPL) – is taking full responsibility for the sales, marketing and distribution of Nissan-branded vehicles and parts in India with immediate effect.

Nissan Terrano official image side

The company has terminated the agreement it had with Hover Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. which was its sales, marketing and distribution partner since May 8th, 2008. Nissan will announce the new business structure in due course, the statement adds.

Nissan India president Kenichiro Yomura says the operations has matured to establish independent marketing and distribution operations.

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6 thoughts on “Breaking – Nissan cuts ties with distributor Hover Automotive, will sell cars independently

  1. Swapnil R says:

    Not sure if this sounds like a reasonable question or plain stupid – but does sales, marketing and distribution also cover After Sales Servicing?

  2. Vignesh says:

    Nissan, doesnt have the expertise in Sales and after sales, and next 6 months if they can withstand they will survice otherwise they need to pack their bags and exit India

  3. fintsho Duke says:

    Customers will now get a better service, a reliable and authentic service. As a customer I was not able to figure out the exact pricing of the cars. I have seen price invoice different for different customers for the same car.

  4. Anurag Sonti says:

    Finally……! Hope the things will get better from now on. Hover was a useless piece of s**t. They delivered my car late, one of my friends’ car was sitting in the workshop for months together due to non availability of parts. I hope nissan is making a good move to make things better.

  5. Ramesh says:

    Better late than never. They should have done this in the first place.

  6. SNT says:

    Finally !!!
    good move.


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