Report – Maruti Suzuki to launch SX4 S-Cross early 2015, three products in two years likely

Posted on: Feb 12, 2014 - 2:12pm IST

India’s largest car manufacturer and third largest exporter of cars Maruti Suzuki could launch three new products within the next 2 years, in the mid-sized sedan and SUV categories, a report on Business Standard says.

Auto Expo 2014 Maruti S Cross front profile
The SX4 S-Cross is likely to be launched early in 2015.

The report quotes Kenichi Ayukawa, managing director and chief executive of Maruti Suzuki, who says that the SX4 S-Cross will hit the markets before the serial production of the XA Alpha SUV begins. Despite Ayukawa not disclosing any launch dates, the Business Standard report states that SX4 S-Cross could be launched early next year.

Apart from the SX4 S-Cross and the XA Alpha, the Maruti Ciaz is another strong prospect for India. The Ciaz was first unveiled under the Suzuki Authentics name at the Shanghai Auto Show last year. The Ciaz concept previews a sedan that would eventually replace the SX4 sedan.

Maruti XA-Alpha concept
Following the launch of the SX4 S-Cross, the XA Alpha will be put into production, Maruti has confirmed.

The Ciaz is likely to be powered by the same four-cylinder 1.4-liter engine seen in the Ertiga, developing 95 hp and 130 Nm of torque.

Ayukawa also mentioned that Suzuki’s interest in making India an export base for markets in Africa, West Asia and some parts of South-East Asia has been piqued. Earlier, it was reported that Suzuki will shift its export operations from Japan to India starting next fiscal.

Maruti Ciaz Concept side
The Maruti Ciaz is expected to be one of the three products in the next 2 years, replacing the SX4 sedan.

At present, 10 percent of the 1.5 million cars produced by Maruti Suzuki is exported and with the operations moving to India, this number could go up to 25 percent.

[Source – Business Standard]

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5 thoughts on “Report – Maruti Suzuki to launch SX4 S-Cross early 2015, three products in two years likely

  1. WhyNow says:

    MS could be sending off profits to Parent company, but why does it bother anyone, the govt Of India sold off all its shares, now it is a private company no diff from others

    1. Dr. Nayak says:

      By the way over invoicing is a crime for publicly traded company! Junk parts from Japan at what cost? Just think about the amount foreign exchange lost!

  2. Ashok Kumar says:

    After a 20 year Indian Operations, and developing Indian Automobile Industry, we are Importing huge amt of Machinery form parent Co. is it we are not self sufficent in that technology? or just passing on Profits by way of Importing??

  3. jaspal singh says:

    Eagerly waiting for 3 Cars from MSIL

  4. Dr. Nayak says:

    This is total BS! Even after making some of these models for 20 to 25 years, Maruti is still importing significant portion of the technologically outdated parts from Japan at exorbitant cost, as a way to funnel money into the parent company. They can’t send the money as a profit or royalty, but sure can buy parts at exorbitant cost at taxpayer’s expense!!


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