Auto Expo Live – Mahindra XUV500 diesel hybrid unveiled

Posted on: Feb 5, 2014 - 3:46pm IST

Mahindra unveiled the first ever hybrid diesel manual SUV in the world in the form the XUV500 hybrid at the ongoing Auto Expo 2014.

Mahinda XUV500 Hybrid front detail live

The XUV500 hybrid was presented with a cut section and transparent acrylic body to showcase the hybrid technology capability of the Mahindra Group. The eco-friendly XUV500 is said to be 18 percent easier on the fuel than its diesel brother.

Mahinda XUV500 Hybrid front three quarter live

The car features permanent magnet synchronous motor & lithium ion battery to supplement the diesel power. It combines a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion motor with an electric motor propulsion system. The electric motor assists the engine at low engine speeds and while accelerating. It also uses regenerative braking to generate electricity from the act of braking.

Mahinda XUV500 Hybrid cutaway live

Dr Pawan Goenka, executive director and president of automotive & farm equipment sector said that the XUV500 hybrid falls under ‘Accessible Technology’ and that the company is committed to sustainable mobility solutions, encompassing alternative technologies into the R&D and commercialisation plans.

Mahindra XUV500 Diesel Hybrid at Auto Expo 2014 – Image Gallery

Mahindra 2014 Auto Expo Press Release

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4 thoughts on “Auto Expo Live – Mahindra XUV500 diesel hybrid unveiled

  1. Sujit P. M. says:

    Now this is what i would say is “Absolutely Brilliant” – a World FIRST from the Indian Shores and that too from the house of Mahindra… hats off to the engineers who dreamed, ventured, implemented, innovated & incorporated this technology to an already existing Diesel engine…. while the world completely focuses on Petrol Hybrids… here comes a Diesel Hybrid. My only suggestions being improve & innovate further and incorporate these technologies into your complete portfolio… thereby enabling us citizens do our bit in reducing carbon emissions (and also by being lighter on our pockets, by extending our mileage)… and also a strong point i would like to raise here… would be to improve the Service network with particular reference pointed towards the T.V.Sundaram Iyengar network in the state of Kerala… real lousy services after each service intervals…. do Hope you auto journo’s will get this to the manufacturers attention.

    1. sky-high says:

      well there is nothing stopping them to introduce higher Euro emission standards. why Euro II? why not 3, 4,5 6? Diesel is also #1 killer of air pollution stds.. in addition to other toxicity we have not studied yet.

      few of the much needed technology are:
      – Auto Trans (CVT)
      – automatic breaking system – collision avoidance with radar/electro-optic sensors
      – —not sure how this will work in Indian traffic condition where it could potentially be engaged in permanent braking conditions.. perhaps only kicks in at above 10kmph or something.
      – road/lane departure warning
      – sleepy driver eye lid monitoring
      – alcohol sensor attached to breaking/ignition system

  2. shatrughan says:

    cant they make a 5 seater XUV….that cost less than 10 lacs???

  3. Shreyas says:

    Way to go Mahindra!


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