IAB Report – Jaguar to hire 1,400 for Wolverhampton plant, set to roll out an engine every 36 seconds

Posted on: Feb 17, 2014 - 9:20am IST

Jaguar Land Rover’s newly announced engine plant in Wolverhampton will roll out its first engine in 2015. The company just put out an announcement seeking employees for the plant that is set to build, when at full capacity, an engine every 36 seconds.

Jaguar XF supersport engine press shot
At full capacity, the upcoming engine plant will roll out an engine every 36 seconds.

The plant will employ around 1,400 people and a batch of 600 workers will be hired initially, with the rest following soon.

The engine plant at Wolverhampton will consist of a machining shop and an assembly each for petrol and diesel motors. JLR has already announced that it would manufacture aluminium four-cylinder engines on both fuels. The engines, at present, are confirmed to power the upcoming Jaguar compact saloon and models of both Range Rover and Land Rover, like the Evoque and the Freelander.

2013 Land Rover Freelander 2 2013 facelift
The new Land Rover Freelander is set to use four-cylinder aluminimum engines from Wolverhampton. Seen here is the current generation model.

While the machining shop portion of the factory will churn out aluminium cylinder heads, blocks, crankshafts and other parts six days a week on a three shift basis, the petrol and diesel engine assembly shops will work for five days a week.

Almost 55 percent of the machining shop and 15 percent of the diesel assembly facility have been completed. JLR has just begun work on the petrol engine assembly facility, with just 5 percent of the work reported to be complete.

Prime Minister visits Jaguar Land Rover’s engine manufacturing centre – Press Release

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2 thoughts on “IAB Report – Jaguar to hire 1,400 for Wolverhampton plant, set to roll out an engine every 36 seconds

  1. Dr. Nayak says:

    This is a publicity stunt at exorbitant cost. Building an engine assembly line today for a luxury car of limited production in England is a long term death wish. Who is running Tata motors? This is not only a poor business idea, but even quality of such engine is questionable. You need more man power (engineers in assembly line and not laborers) to make sure that these engines are tested rigorously and Pune would have been an ideal location for such activity. Even though I like Tata as an organization, I did not buy the Jaguar and instead went for the BMW. They will realize this in another 5 years, just like they woke up a year back from hibernation that they can’t sell substandard uninspiring cars in India.

    1. Dinesh Tewari says:

      Currently JLR sources engines from Ford. It makes immense sense to have its own manufacturing unit for engines to reduce dependency on Ford and as well plan for future emission norms as long term plan. I understand these factors and as well quality of engines must have been surely evaluated by JLR technical team before committing such large sum of 500 Million GBP. New launches such as Baby Jaguar (X760), Crossover (X761) etc are planned with the use of these new generation diesel & petrol engines planned for manufacture from Wolverhampton


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