Auto Expo Live – Bajaj U-Car Concept revealed [Image Gallery updated]

Posted on: Feb 11, 2014 - 11:40am IST

Bajaj has presented a four-wheeler concept car that points in the same direction as the RE60. With a low emission (similar to the 60 g/km on the RE60) and a 300 kg weight, the Bajaj U-Car is created to de-congest urban areas and lower emissions, but unlike the RE60’s commercial segmentation, the U-Car is for the private user.

Bajaj U-Car Concept profile

Powered by a liquid cooled, four-valve, triple-spark, fuel injected engine, the light weight vehicle features an automatic gearbox and an air conditioner. It is based on a completely new platform, is designed in-house and is built from readily available plastic and sheet metal as its other products.

Bajaj is only calling this a concept, and its production would depend on the feedback it gets from the public, though officials who spoke to us at the stall said the production vehicle is already under development.

The U-Car would kick start the ‘U’ brand (like how Bajaj have the RE, Pulsar and Discover brands) and would be pitched as a form of personal transport.

Bajaj U-Car Concept at Auto Expo 2014 – Image Gallery

As 40 percent or more of India’s population would migrate to urban areas, Bajaj feels that a concept like the U-Car would be the best solution for last-mile personal transportation.

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13 thoughts on “Auto Expo Live – Bajaj U-Car Concept revealed [Image Gallery updated]

  1. Saffron says:

    this should be burned or kept away from the human eye

  2. amit says:


  3. amit says:


  4. kallol das says:

    no comment

  5. S.Sivakumar says:

    It is nice one ! Best wishes to get SUCCESS this concept U Car to Bajaj in India!

    one suggestion : But the back side wheel will be with in the car and some spaces may be provide after 2 seat carrying some Luggage in the U Car.

    Best wishes to Bajaj

  6. in-expert says:

    just another joke from Bajaj like the one they had in 2008.

    fancy nevertheless.

    wished bajaj stopped such window-displays and moved to real cars/vehicles/quadricycles (whatever).

  7. thirumal says:

    good work by bajaj … india was lacking 1 such …

  8. sandy says:

    Thats a welcome from Bajaj for getting into narrow track vehicle club. Looks inline with Renault Twizy. Hats up Bajaj.


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