Auto Expo Live – Bajaj RE60 details released, achieves 37 km/l mileage

Posted on: Feb 10, 2014 - 5:51pm IST

Bajaj brought the production version of the RE60 quadricycle to the 2014 Auto Expo. We were also updated about the technical details of the RE60 including its fuel efficiency claim.

The RE60 is powered by a 216 cc liquid-cooled, 4-valve, fuel-injected engine with triple spark. Bajaj will offer the quadricycle in LPG, CNG and gasoline (petrol) variants. A 5-speed manual transmission will be used on the RE60 with its gearlever mounted on the dashboard.

Bajaj RE60 Auto Expo 2014 interior

The RE60 returns 37 km/l according to Bajaj and emits 60 grams of CO2 per km. We were previously told that the RE60 was capable of achieving more than 35 km/l (Bajaj did not disclose the official figure until now). The top-speed of the vehicle is rated at 70 km/h.

It remains unclear as to when series production of the RE60 starts, or when Bajaj intends to commence sales of the quadricycle.

Bajaj also showcased a concept version of an urban personal vehicle that adheres to the RE60’s properties.

Bajaj RE60 – Image Gallery

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7 thoughts on “Auto Expo Live – Bajaj RE60 details released, achieves 37 km/l mileage

  1. chetan punjabi says:

    yesturday i read on newspapar tht indian government is making a new category for this car
    it isnt a rikshaw bt a replacement to that
    n we cannot say it ugly
    bajaj cannot give us a design like ferrari in on 2 lakh rupees

  2. Ramkumar says:

    For the past around 50 years Bajaj is manufacturing its auto rickshaws, these many days Bajaj did not get any idea on good replacement for its auto rickshaws, (mean while TVS launched a bit optimized diesel auto rickshaws!!) after seeing TATA nano, now it is doing something to compete. For a long while it was manufacturing scooters and then some how they got idea for bikes. The technology improvement is not up to the mark in our Indian automotive industry. for eg, Hindustan motors manufacturing of Ambassador cars till this date from 1958, Mahendra was maintaining its old style Willy jeep for several decades and then very slowly got idea of Bolero. TATA motors came from Mercedes-Benz, now where is Benz and where is TATA motors? When comparing to foreign vehicle designs, our products are not attractive. Where it is going wrong? Or am I missing anything here? Share your thoughts for my knowledge improvement on this…

  3. PAWAN THAKUR says:

    Good compact car for common man please disclose the price tag at the earliest so that it can be brought at home

  4. Shreyas says:

    This is ugly, hope Bajaj does not bring this on to the Indian roads, they already have messed Indian roads with their tricycle with motor!

  5. Siddharth says:

    Unless i’m mistaken, this is supposed to be a replacement of a autorickshaw and not a passenger vehicle (like the Nano).

    Hence, more important than fit and finish, is the safety and comfort of the passengers.

  6. Sandeep says:

    Poor finishing. Look at the gear knob, how badly it’s finished. Over all looks like an autorickshaw on 4 wheels. Let’s hope it will not have the fate of Tata Nano.

    1. AW says:

      It is about positioning as well.. and not just the asthetics. I feel what matters most to the class that is going to use this vehicle will not have any problems. This vehicle can not be compared with Nano which is a complete car. I ha ve personally seen and sat in this vehicle. Although RE60 is aweful, this might be what people want


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