Readers should note that Mercedes India’s Managing Director Eberhard Kern told us last month that the new C-Class will not be launched in India in 2014.

Mercedes-Benz began production of the 2015 Mercedes C-Class at its Bremen plant on the 4th of February. This plant will soon be joined, within six months according to Daimler, by facilities in East London in South Africa, Tuscaloosa in USA and Beijing in China, to produce the car.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Bremen plant inauguration logo on grille press shot

The Bremen plant will remain the mother plant for the production of the 2015 C-Class.

The Bremen plant will be in overall control of the production of the 2015 C-Class and has taken in an investment of 2 billion Euros (Rs 17,107 crore). All aspects of the production ramp-up in the other 3 plants will be controlled from Bremen, from the tooling strategy and the training of workers at the other sites to product quality, says a release from the company.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Bremen plant inauguration rollout press shot

300 employees from the other 3 production sites have been trained in Bremen.

In terms of changes to production practices, the sedan gets a body structure that has 50 percent more aluminium than its predecessor. The main changes to the body-in-white therefore are the material mix, new manufacturing technologies and process monitoring facilities.

Mercedes has also built a technology center for attaching the roof and a high-precision facility for measuring gaps at the Bremen plant.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Bremen plant inauguration checks press shot

The Bremen plant will control all aspects of production ramp-up at the other three facilities, which will go online in six months’ time.

Close to 300 workers from the four sites were trained in the production of the new car. Courses took place at the pilot plant in Sindelfingen, at the training center in Bremen and on-site at the production line.

Mercedes-Benz rolls out new C-Class from Bremen – Official Gallery

Mercedes-Benz rolls out new C-Class from Bremen – Press Release

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  • Bhargava

    Nice article!!

    Just look at the second picture embedded in the article text. I was enchanted by the care, attention, love and pampering the humans are showering on those beautiful machines.

    And it’s no wonder these machines would give back all the love and loyalty to their human owners, every bit of it and beyond. There is a famous quote which says: “What goes around, comes around”. And this is the perfect context.