IAB Report – Terra Kiwami e-superbike unveiled in India, priced at Rs 18 lakh

Posted on: Jan 28, 2014 - 4:47pm IST

Terra Motors has just unveiled the Kiwami, a premium electric motorcycle priced at Rs 18 lakh. The Kiwami’s acceleration is equal to that of a 1000 cc superbike, says the company. It is capable of a top speed of 160 kph. Kiwami in Japanese means ‘Ultimate.’

Terra Kiwami
The Kiwami gets twin projector headlamps and a disc brake at the front and comes with full front faring.

The hand-built Kiwami produces 13 hp and takes 6 hours to charge fully, giving it a range of 200 km. The company hasn’t mentioned any torque figures for the Kiwami. Terra Motors says the premium super e-bike is “the personification of a complete urban mobility solution for a sustainable zero-emission society.”

Terra Kiwami side profile
The Terra Kiwami is a 1,000 cc e-superbike that makes 13 hp.

In addition to the Kiwami, Terra Motors will also soon introduce a series of executive e-scooters, which will target premium customers. These bikes and a three-wheeler option will be showcased at the upcoming Auto Expo 2014.

Terra Kiwami front
The Terra Kiwami has a range of 200 km on a six hour charge.

Toru Tokushige, founder and CEO of Terra Motors, has outlined the company’s business plan for India, announcing an investment of Rs 30 crore till the end of the next fiscal year, stating that it targets to sell 10,000 units of its electric two-wheelers before the end of the next fiscal. It wants to lead the electric two-wheeler market and is aiming for a 25 percent share.

Terra Kiwami – Image Gallery

Terra Motors launches in India – Press Release

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6 thoughts on “IAB Report – Terra Kiwami e-superbike unveiled in India, priced at Rs 18 lakh

  1. gv says:

    Finishing is not unto mark to that of 18lakh bike

  2. smax says:

    2nd line of article- ‘The Kiwami is a 1000 cc all-electric superbike’
    4th line of article- ‘The hand-built Kiwami produces 13 hp’

    Either ‘bike nut’ is NUTS or terra motors is. Sorry.

    1. Karthik H says:

      Thanks for pointing out the errors. They have been corrected.

  3. insider says:

    what is the relevance of ‘1000cc’ displacement in an electric motorcycle?

    is 13bhp superbike trritory?

    what is the torque output – something that electric motors have an upper hand than internal combustion engines?

    and lastly, what is the reason behind the launch and the expectations of the company from such a niche?

    this article does not reek like it was reported by ‘a bike nut’.

    sorry, but this article falls short of IAB standards.

    1. insider says:

      it will be really appreciated if the author can reply to the queries posted by the readers.

      hope we aint asking too much of IAB:

      1. Karthik H says:

        We are sorry for the errors. They have been rectified. As for the torque output, Terra Motors haven’t announced the figures yet.

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