IAB Report – Terra Motors allocates 10,000 units for India including a premium electric scooter

Posted on: Jan 30, 2014 - 10:28am IST

At the launch of the Terra Kiwami in New Delhi this week, we spoke to Toru Tokushige, founder and CEO of Terra Motors. Tokushige reveals details about Terra Motors’ plans for India and the Auto Expo 2014.

Terra Kiwami side

When will the Terra Kiwami be launched?

We haven’t decided yet, but most probably by the end of this year.

Why does the bike cost Rs 18 lakh?

We are importing this from Japan as a CBU unit.

Terra Kiwami rear seat

What sort of subsidies are you getting from the Indian government?

As of now, we are not talking with the government. The government will start the new round of subsidies from this April and we think they might include the Kiwami as well.

Who is the Kiwami’s competition?

The direct competition is the Ducati models in the segment, but if you ride this bike, I am sure you will be surprised. This is completely different from a gasoline bike, it’s like a new experience.

If you plan to assemble the Kiwami locally, what will be the percentage of localisation?

We can localise the mechanical parts. The electronic parts can’t be produced here in India, but for the mechanical parts there are several suppliers.

Terra Kiwami front

Where will you set up the assembly facility?

We are evaluating certain locations throughout India and we will decide by the summer.

What other models are planned from Terra Motors?

We already have a premium electric scooter and also the electric three-wheelers. We will bring them to the Auto Expo 2014 next week.

What is the sales target for the first year?

We are planning to also provide the premium scooter and this will be a pretty good market. So I can say about 10,000 units, that’s how much we are planning to produce.

Terra Kiwami – Video walkaround

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Considering your first dealership will be in Gurgaon, what are your expansion plans?

We have already received requests for becoming dealers, but I think this is a new market and a new industry, so first we will focus on one city. Then, may be, several or 10 to 15 dealerships in one city. After setting up a successful track record, we shall move to other cities.

What is unique about the Terra Kiwami?

One of the characteristics of the bike is the acceleration. The top speed is 160 kph. The image of the electric bike is that it is slow and this will change it. The acceleration is equal to that of a 1,000 cc gasoline engine. It’s provides a tremendous experience. The headlight is made out of LEDs and the bike weighs just 185 kg.

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6 thoughts on “IAB Report – Terra Motors allocates 10,000 units for India including a premium electric scooter

  1. Muthu says:

    am waiting for the launching of this bike…

  2. manas says:

    Kiwami is a good move by Terra motors.Govt of India should give subsidy to this product and as well Terra motors also do practice on smaller capacity bike..there models are excellent

  3. Dr. Nayak says:

    10,000 units? Is this a typo? I think it is more like 100.

  4. insider says:

    interesting insights.

    thanks IAB.

  5. dparikh says:

    Definitely, I agree with Shreyas. The Government should seriously consider subsidies on such environment friendly products. Assembly is welcome move but land acquisition is biggest hurdle. And the scooter is most awaited model,however,pricing will be the key factor. According to me it will cost nearly 1,00,000.

  6. shreyas says:

    Wow this company should be encouraged!…provided they set up local production of the products and localization of at-least 90% of the component in India. They should be encouraged to bring smaller capacity motorcycles too


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