Report – Ford dealers ask EcoSport customers to either cancel or book other models

Posted on: Jan 16, 2014 - 11:29am IST

Indian customers of the Ford EcoSport must feel heavily short changed as the company exports every one out of five models manufactured in India, leaving them facing waiting periods of upwards of eight months.

Ever since the Ford EcoSport was launched in June 2013 in India, the order books have been filling up fast for the American major, so much so that it had asked its dealers to stop bookings for eight of the ten variants on offer.

Front of the Ford EcoSport
With one of out every five units of the EcoSport being exported, customers in India feel short changed.

After over five months of halting orders, Business Standard now reports that Ford dealers across the country have been asking those still waiting for their EcoSports to be delivered to either cancel orders or look at either of its other five cars.

The fact that Ford’s plant in Chennai is one of only four manufacturing facilities in the world to make the EcoSport – the other three being Ford’s facilities in Brazil, China and Thailand – puts more pressure on the car maker to export the car. Statistics suggest that of the 45,727 units of the EcoSport manufactured in Chennai, 9,647 units (a hefty 21 percent) have been exported.

Ford EcoSport launched in India dashboard
Despite not taking orders, prices of the EcoSport have gone up 11 percent since its launch in June 2013.

One out of every five cars manufactured in India are being exported, partly thanks to increased profit margins due to a weakened INR vis-a-vis the USD and Euro and partly due to the company’s One Ford strategy for global models.

[Source – Business Standard]

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4 thoughts on “Report – Ford dealers ask EcoSport customers to either cancel or book other models

  1. Lins says:

    Eco sport requires a facelift to the front grill. can it be given the look of Ford Kuga

  2. fintsho Duke says:

    This is the kind of arrogance that Ford has been showing to it’s customer. Customer is not the king any more, the company is when it comes to Ecosport. I think customers should do something about this attitude and may be perhaps boycott this product and all other Ford product. After all there are may other alternatives who offer a better service and show some respect to the customers. What do others think ?

    1. GD says:

      Completely agree with fintsho Duke. I too was thinking of buying the Ecosport as my next change but now I’ve changed my mind given the way Ford has increased prices of Ecosport twice just months after its India launch.

    2. Davinder Baweja says:

      I booked by Ecosport Trend Diesal on 21st Aug but due to unethical price hike of 10%, I have withdrawn. The dealership offered me 2013 stock Ecosport but I refused because tomorrow I will be dependent on this company for service and spares. Don’t want to be put on ransom once again. Hope there are many like me and Ford will certainly feel the heat from Indian Buyers. Believe me this company can only ride a wave but can never be successful in Indian Market. I ignored 80% negative reviews on websites, Friends, My Spare part dealer, my mechanic who is taking care of our cars for last 20 years while booking this car but now I feel that they were right to say that Ford is Fraud. Hope people will read this and act accordingly


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