Report – Brazil could exempt VW Kombi from new safety law

Posted on: Dec 28, 2013 - 12:11pm IST

In what could be a historic move, the Brazilian government could bend the law and allow VW to produce the long lived Kombi van.

VW Kombi Last Edition Brazil

As per a new rule that will come into effect next year, all new cars sold in the country have to be equipped with ABS and airbags. The Kombi being an age old design, does not get these safety features, and integrating them would not be possible. VW had no option but to lay it to rest, building the last model on the 20th of December, 2013.

VW Brazil had earlier announced the Kombi Last edition, which would mark the end of the 63 year old vehicle’s production. The special edition features an exclusive paintjob in blue and white, while the interior gets blue curtains and vinyl upholstery. The whitewall tyres add a nostalgic touch and only 600 units of this edition were produced.

VW Kombi Last Edition Brazil side view

Just days after the production of the Kombi ended, news comes in that the van could get a second lease of life.

Guido Mantega, the Brazilian finance minister is investigating whether there is a possibility to exempt the Kombi from the new safety regulations. His argument is that the original design could not include these features, as in 1950, airbags or ABS were not available, at least not to passenger cars.

VW Kombi Last Edition Brazil rear three quarters

The VW Kombi is the sixth best selling commercial vehicle in Brazil, and is the quintessential mode of transport for local businesses. The Anchieta plant at Sao Bernardo do Campo near Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the last production site of the Kombi, and began producing the car six years after VW’s Wolfsburg plant started production in 1963.

Many enthusiasts and fans of the Kombi, in and away from Brazil, are awaiting this verdict.

VW Kombi Last Edition – Image Gallery

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3 thoughts on “Report – Brazil could exempt VW Kombi from new safety law

  1. GILLIAN pelham says:

    Hi, excellent article; I had a VW 1600 type 2 for 14 years upgraded suspension n wheels n tyres.
    My son n I went of cliffs on 3 wheels = we are still here .So much fun in VW . idiots never put the engine right,, Council nicked in in the end ;when we were on holiday. = Nice Neighbour reported it.
    It was under Legasy laws left to someone; there ASHES WERE IN IT,COUNCIL TOWED AWAY N DESTROYED=when I wAS on holiday
    . SKP 9X was very cool van, I could park up outside a pub in London, =Drink -get drunk =then legally go to sleep in Van outside pub,; = as I had loads water, table n chairs, n bed n linen; fire ex’ and other bits n pieces. I loved it = you must only enter BY SIDE DOOR -LAW Then you are fine to be over the limit in UK. LAW STILL STANDS LEGAL TO DO THIS IN A CAMPER VAN,; SAME AS PORTUGAL,FRANCE N SPAIN, Many more I expect to.

  2. Carlos Disdier says:

    Bravo !

  3. Rainer Zerrath says:

    Dear Shoeb,
    thanks a lot for this article about one of my favourite cars. I owned a 1979 9-seater Bus (made in Hannover, Germany) from 1993 to 2001 and enjoyed every single mile with it. As far as my sources –German newspapers and magazines– say, Volkswagen officials have to decided not to continue the production of the Kombi in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil. Very sad news!


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