Tata Motors funds long term R&D in the UK

Posted on: Dec 4, 2013 - 11:29am IST

Tata Motors has announced that it will pump in £30 million (306.6 crore rupees) through its subsidiary Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) to partly fund the National Automotive Innovation Campus (NAIC) at the Warwick University in the UK.

TMETC will be joined at Warwick by its partners, Jaguar Land Rover and Warwick Manufacturing Group. The NAIC’s primary mandate would be to create and develop technologies that will reduce dependency on fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions.

NAIC Exterior
Construction of the NAIC is expected to begin by September 2014.

The construction of the NAIC will begin in September 2014 and its creation will constitute a major UK automotive R&D asset. It will also consolidate the long standing relationship and R&D collaboration between TMETC, JLR and WMG. The NAIC facility will house state of the art engineering workshops, powertrain and vehicle engineering labs and latest advanced design, visualisation and prototyping technologies.

Apart from the funding received from Tata Motors, NAIC will also receive funding from the UK government’s Higher Education Funding Council England, taking the total amount to around £100 million. The move will also increase TMETC’s staff strength to around 350.

This deal is expected to significantly improve Tata Motors’ future product innovation and development. TMETC will work in close companionship with Tata Motors’ R&D infrastructure spread across India.

Tata Motors commits to long-term R&D in the UK – Press Release

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4 thoughts on “Tata Motors funds long term R&D in the UK

  1. Dr. Nayak says:

    What a difference in the think-tank of TATA motors. On one side we have Hero motors (learnt it in a difficult way), which is investing in India to create technology for its products, and other side we have Tata doing practically everything outside. 100 million pounds can put more than 2000 young engineers in India with better qualification than in UK, with bloated cost structure and poor work ethics. When is the last time you bought a British technology based product? Only in British Raj and Tata seems to be still operating in that era!

    1. rao says:

      our education is not as advanced as united kingdom so investing there could result in developing new technologies if you say that we have brilliant people here then i have an small eg : the indian govt has spent a lot of money to develop an jet engine to power india’s fighter aircraft for some decades but still now we had not achieved it

      1. Dr. Nayak says:

        I guess you don’t know, or you don’t want to know that GE Corporation’s most advanced jet engines are designed in Bangalore! There you go; government is not the answer, and this is 20 years back when communistic thoughts ruled India. Just a reminder to all the readers “UK is as good as a third world country with first world infrastructure”. Also the Indian jet engine (Kaveri) is still a good development and can be used on large drones which carry weapons, but may not be suitable for a large fighter jets due to lower power to weight ratio.

      2. Vishal says:

        Kaveri is our first turbo fan engine .,do u realise that in is like jumping from 1st Class to 12th class.,we literally had no aviation history.,.aprt from that lack of funds.,under estimation of project were the main reason for delays Not quality of our engg’s

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