Hyundai’s Grand i10 enters top 5 selling cars in India

Posted on: Dec 5, 2013 - 8:36pm IST

Hyundai’s gap-filling Grand i10 has gathered 33,000 bookings within 90 days of its launch to become one of the top 5 selling cars in India.

Launched in September 2013, the Hyundai Grand i10 has triggered close to 124,000 footfalls across 392 Hyundai dealerships in the country, according to an email statement from the company. The Grand i10 had reached the 10,000 bookings mark within 20 days of its launch.

Hyundai Grand i10 rear three quarter
Hyundai’s Grand i10 has garnered enough bookings to break into the top 5 selling cars in India

The Grand i10 has been consistently shoring up Hyundai India’s numbers, with 11,519 units being sold in October 2013 and 11,007 units being delivered in November 2013. A bit of mathematics reveals that September, the month the car was launched, must have seen sales hovering around the 11,000 mark too.

Earlier, the company’s VP for marketing and sales, Mr. Rakesh Srivastava, had told the media that the production is being re-calibrated at the Chennai plant to match the demand. The Grand i10 is also available in an automatic transmission avatar, powered by the 1.2-liter Kappa2 petrol engine since last month.

Hyundai Grand i10 launched in Chennai
The Grand i10 was launched in September, followed by an automatic transmission in the Sportz and Asta variants

Understandably, as soon as Hyundai India positioned the Grand i10 between the i10 and the i20 models, it started eating into the sales of i10, so much so that the company had to scrap the top end variants of the i10 – the Sportz and Asta variants that offered the 1.2-liter Kappa engine – altogether.

The Grand i10 is an India-exclusive variant which has a 10 cm longer wheelbase compared to the new version sold in Europe, in addition to a larger rear window and dedicated aircon vent to rear seat passengers. Hyundai has shifted out European production of the new i10 to its Turkish plant, which leaves the plant in Chennai with the capacity to increase output, if demand improves.

Hyundai Grand i10 breaks into the top 5 Indian best sellers – Press Release

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5 thoughts on “Hyundai’s Grand i10 enters top 5 selling cars in India

  1. Abhisek says:

    I own an Hyundai i10 k2 and it feels much better than Swift of my uncle. Swift doesn’t look good too. Grand i10 looks gud. If Hyundai keep check on the high maintenance prices then they can beat MS easily. MS designs/interiors are just pathetic.

  2. Sushrut says:

    Compare that with low grade Swift petrol base model costing 5.3 in Pune and you don’t get any features. Pathetic MS!! Just don’t understand the mentality of Indian people.

  3. Ganesh says:

    Awesome and great going! That Swift doesn’t deserve that place at all. India’s most hyped cars have to be the Swift and the lousy Dezire!

  4. Nikhil says:

    Its the only company which is giving what the country needs. Safe reliable transportation at a good price.

    I do not care how much people bash Hyundai for their weak handling characteristics, but practically speaking no-one uses all the cars they own for really high speed cornering etc. Its all show no go

    1. Jishnu S V says:

      Well said Mr. Nikhil. I would like to add something, ie, Hyundai is slowly sealing the complaints of bad handling. And very soon we can see cars as good as the european cars when it comes to handling. I own a new Elantra and I can say that it is very stable and safe even at speeds above 170 kmph. But it just lacks that little bit of feel and rock solid feel that my old Jetta once gave me. But overall it is going in the right direction and at the end of the day they are much more reliable and cheaper to maintain.


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