Spied – Base variant of 2014 Tata Vista

Posted on: Nov 29, 2013 - 5:50pm IST

The base variant of the 2014 Tata Vista was spied sedately filling up some petrol at a fuel station in Pune. The heavily camouflaged exterior showed that the car lacked projector headlamps, which is what differentiates it from the top-end variant.

The spied car also had its instrument cluster in the regular position, against the centrally mounted position – a la Toyota Etios – which it had adopted in its previous avatar.

2014 Tata Vista or Tata Falcon 4 caught testing
This is the base variant which is devoid of projector headlamps or alloy wheels.

The engine for the 2014 Tata Vista is likely to be a 1.2-liter turbo engine derived from the old 1.2-liter XETA mill. The old 1.2-liter XETA engine delivered a paltry 65 bhp, but turbocharging would give it a whole new personality.

The Vista will continue to get the smiling grille facade, a feature that has been prominent since the first Indica was launched. The spied vehicle was running on 14-inch tyres from Apollo on steel rims – further proof that it isn’t the top-end variant.

The top-end of the 2014 Vista comes equipped with projector headlamps and a front indicator that is more of a stroke of the brush under the headlamps. A honeycomb grille on the front and tyres on 8-spoke alloy wheels complete the picture.

The diesel variant will be powered by the extremely familiar and proven 1.3-liter Multijet engine from Fiat.

[Spyshots from Motorbash.com]

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6 thoughts on “Spied – Base variant of 2014 Tata Vista

  1. npk says:

    people are avoiding Tata Cars as it is been used as cab…but none analysed this…will the cab drivers ride as if their own car? how rash they will ride…even for those the engine fo the care with stand…doesn’t those say how got the engine is.
    Now about quality…i was driving the car which was lables as No.1 in india…it was traffic in munnar…a cab driver hit back of the car…just as the bumper paint was gone and a little bend back….none got hurt as it was a slight touch…but even the paint of the eCS has not gone…we got some money from the cab driver for the tinkering work and reached home…when opened the back door to take out things we found that there was a big crack and a hole…then found out the quality of the no.1 sellling vehicle…Just to increase mileage it give less standart products[seems 5 people driving a 4 wheeler holding umbrella]…but Tata never compromises on safety and quality…can you see any No.1 selling companies vehicle running over 1lkhs kilometer…but you can find Tata and Ford…if you want get a No.1 selling vehicle and dash on the wall wear seatbelt 😉 All the best…more population in India…if you care your family drive safe…if not needed to family enjoy the Rash

  2. Ayyappan says:

    Be rest assured, the 2014 Vista or the Falcon 4 would be staring at a serious failure if it resembles the older generation Vista or Indica in anyway !!!

    1. gopi says:

      ” if it resembles the older generation Vista “.-Hey you read the other thread titles about 2014 vista.It’s a facelift man .These kind of negatives impact the upcoming cars.If you don’t want to see these kind of spy shots and go to your favourite section.Don’t post these kind of negatives any more..
      TML try hard to give some stunning cars.We have to wait and see what kind of cars they give.Time will tell.I hope 2014 vista would be serious contender for other rivals(don’t want to mention the name as we all know) ..

      1. Ayyappan says:

        Well Mr. Gopi..though I’ve immense respect for Tata as a group, I’m afraid if I agree with your observations….

        As a reader, I feel it is my prerogative to post what I feel about a certain product…just as you’re free to post what you feel. I’m under no obligation to post comments as you desire and it appears silly when you sound like a policeman giving instructions to others on the forum !

        If you feel…these kind of negatives impact the upcoming cars..then, you’re not being wise there. The customer is at the core of product development and if Tata Motors is keenly monitoring the feedback about their products and acting upon it, then we wouldn’t / shouldn’t see a Vista/ Indica design on their new products. Because that’s the last thing people want to see on Tata’s new products ( just observe the feedback on Tata cars for the last 5 years across different blogs/ forums, you’ll realize what I’m saying).

    2. Gopi says:

      well i am not a policeman to giving instructions to others on the forum .ok i agree with your points.How a facelift which cannot resembles a previous ones?

      TML need new products which does not resembles the previous ones.

      1. Ayyappan says:

        A good reference point for doing exterior design changes would be the Nissan Terrano- Look what Nissan has done to the Duster to make it the stunning Terrano ! It’s hard to figure out looking at the exteriors that it is nothing but a Duster done up well. We need such efforts from Tata’s.

        Tata just cannot afford to take the regular minor changes approach to the upcoming products since they’re already down in the dumps. I don’t think anyone would like to see Indica/ Indigo based design language anymore after seeing them for the last 15 years ! They’ve to think differently to tackle the ever declining sales numbers across their car portfolio.

        Hope they turn things around soon.

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