Report – Tata Motors builds prototypes of the Manza/Vista CS for real world tests

Posted on: Oct 19, 2013 - 11:28am IST

A boom in the Indian compact sedan market turned 2013 the year of Honda’s comeback. Building on the critic-defying success of the first gen Dzire, rival Maruti introduced the compact Dzire which held the title of India’s best selling car for a short while this year. The Amaze and Dzire point out that a three-box saloon in the 6-8 lakh rupee price segment is a sweet spot in India’s struggling car market.

Sensing the opportunity, by mid-decade, Ford (next gen Figo-based sedan) and Hyundai (compact sedan on the Grand i10 platform) are to heading to this party, with designs that would fail instantly anywhere outside India.

Tata Indigo Manza CS
An artist’s interpretation of the compact saloon which could be sold as the Vista CS.

But the company that started it all was Tata Motors with the Indigo CS, six years ago at the Delhi Auto Expo. The CS was marketed as a smart alternative to a B+ hatchback. Ads were targeted at the young executives, and after decent traction, the car fell into the hands of the fleet operator. Unlike its bigger cousins like the Indigo Marina and Indigo XL, the Indigo CS, or the eCS as it is known today, provided a significant sales increment for the Indica platform.

According to a new report on Team BHP, Tata Motors are aiming for this segment again next year, this time with a compact sedan on the Vista platform. The first prototypes of the Tata Vista CS/Tata Manza CS, with a rear design similar to the Honda Amaze, are reportedly ready to hit the Tata Motors test track in Pune and can soon be expected on public roads.

Tata Manza Hybrid Concept
The grille of the Manza CS could be very similar to the Manza Hybrid Concept that was showcased at the Auto Expo last year.

Speaking to on the sidelines of the Vista D90 launch in January, Mr. Ranjit Yadav, President of Tata’s passenger car business, had confirmed the company’s interest in participating further in this segment. Recalling what Yadav said –

Clearly, below four meters (segment) is a zone where the Indian design, development and production can be world class. That’s a segment we look at actively, without naming brands and models, we will look at that and we will fulfill that.

The Vista CS/Manza CS would get a roomy cabin if the Vista’s lengthy wheelbase is not affected by the truncation. Its nose would be the similar to the Vista facelift which has been testing for the past few months, and is touted to launch early next year.

Tata engineers are apparently benchmarking the first prototypes with the Honda Amaze, which is India’s most efficient diesel car, and the most powerful in its segment.

Expected to cost 40,000-50,000 rupees lesser than the Manza, the CS version would get the Manza’s 1.3L diesel and 1.4L petrol engines. If not, expect Tata’s 1.4L CR4 engine to take charge, delivering close to 25kpl.

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9 thoughts on “Report – Tata Motors builds prototypes of the Manza/Vista CS for real world tests

  1. […] Motors has been extensively testing the 2014 Vista, while road tests of a sub-4 meter version of the Manza have also commenced recently. The restyled Vista and the sub-4m Manza were expected to be shown at […]

  2. Prashant says:

    Nice to see some updated products from tata motors..

    Please ensure that it is as good as honda amaze.. you will rock..

  3. nitin says:

    i am a vista owner. if tata team engineers could read this forum. things i would want in my next tata car:
    1. 100 % improvement in interior fit and finish. better plastics quality
    2. more sharper exteriors
    3. high class spares which have durabilty of atleast 3-4 years
    4. keep the good features of the car like space,engines, comfort features
    5 neutral handling if not sporty
    6. more slicker gear box.
    7. fully tested car. please dont use customers for experimentation and launch more improved car every year. earlier customers feel cheated that way.
    8. price can be little higher but not that too high.that ir looses its value for money proposition.
    if you could not do above things, take my word your game is over
    from a well wisher…

  4. Dr. Nayak says:

    Tata must take advantage of the new technology developed by small startup companies that are looking at OEM to bring their product to real world. For example $20.00 digital fuel injection, $ 10 fuel injectors, rotary engine in sub 1000cc capacity, exhaust water injection in fuel burn cycle, and compressed air injection. The large companies are not ready to take the risk, but Tata can do this in limited models in India and will be ahead of the curve in technology development and we may get cars with fantastic mileage without the cost of a hybrid with an expensive Li-polymer battery.

  5. Dhananjayan says:

    Good strategy…hope at least now to throw away the age old Indica platform! and make some really upmarket cars!

  6. Milo Cruise says:

    Come on TATA, try to bring the product early to market.

  7. Aravind says:

    what a poor strategy… they are targeting sub 4meter segment to save on excise duty. now if they plonk 1.4 L engine, they will not get that duty benefit…

    1. Srinivasan says:

      @Aravind – TATA doesn’t have a sub 1.2 L Petrol engine if my memory is correct. Also, this petrol engine would be available only on brochure because we all know which fuel is widely preferred in India and that trend is going to stay for some time here !

      1. Sushrut says:

        TATA uses Fiat’s 1.2 L Petrol engine. So although demand will be subdued they will still offer it.

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