Tata Nano CNG emax launched at 2.52 lakhs

Posted on: Oct 8, 2013 - 2:59pm IST

Tata Motors announced the launch of the Tata Nano CNG emax in two variants in Ahmedabad. Powered with an engine that fires CNG and petrol, it has the lowest CO2 emissions among petrol cars of 75.6 g/km and is India’s most fuel efficient IC-engined car with a fuel efficiency of 36 km/kg (as per ARAI certification).

CNG is not dispensed throughout India, and hence the car’s availability is restricted to places where the fuel is available, such as Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Lucknow.

Tata Nano CNG emax launched

The Nano CNG was unveiled in July at the Horizonext event in Tata’s Pune plant and is the first of five brands in the emax series.

Mr. Ankush Arora- Sr. Vice President, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit (Commercial), Tata Motors Ltd –

From its inception, the Nano has been a path-breaking invention and the CNG version only adds to that and also underlines our commitment to be a sustainable automotive player.

The CNG kit is a sequential injection type, and if the system senses that the driver wants more power, it automatically shifts to the gasoline mode. Manual switching from CNG to gasoline or vice-versa can be done on-the-fly. The vehicle can also be started with CNG fuel and automatically shuts down the system if a gas leak is detected.

The CNG tank (4-liter capacity) is installed under the driver seat, thus not intruding into the luggage compartment. The system offers a range of 150km on CNG, in addition to the 375km range on petrol. The 4 year/60,000 km warranty on the car covers the CNG kit.

The Nano CNG is priced at 2.52 lakhs (ex-showroom Mumbai) for the CX model and 2.77 lakhs (ex-showroom Mumbai) for the LX model. The brochure below provides the differences between the variants.

Brochure scans of the Tata Nano CNG emax

Tata Nano CNG emax brochure front Tata Nano CNG emax brochure back

Tata Nano CNG emax launched – Press Release

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3 thoughts on “Tata Nano CNG emax launched at 2.52 lakhs

  1. abuna ventana says:

    all good but, isn’t the CNG tank under the driver seat a bit horror?

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    Beautiful Iconic design from Tata with an unmistakable visual recall. No doubt this is one of the best econobox small car designs in the world.

  3. Ayyappan says:

    Great pricing indeed from Tata’s yet again ! Honestly, I was expecting a 3 lac pricing for the CNG version.

    The 2012 Nano represented a quantum improvement in terms of overall quality and comes across as a niggle free car. The 2013 Nano was an effort to make it more premium and stylish.

    For an open mind, with all the customization kits available now, I’ve to admit, the Nano is one of the hottest looking cars on Indian roads. The concept is radical and the design is cute and futuristic. I feel India will embrace and hug Nano in the days to come !


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