Spied – 2014 Tata Vista with completely redesigned taillights

Posted on: Oct 10, 2013 - 10:03am IST

Tata Motors has been extensively testing the 2014 Tata Vista and here are a new set of spyshots. Indian Autos Blog reader, Mr. Rohit Naik, caught this test mule somewhere in Pune. Luckily he left us a note which reads –

The rear lights seemed a bit weird as if they did not have the usual casing.

2014 Tata Vista spied rear
The taillights would be completely redesigned in the Vista facelift, ditching their christmas tree arrangement.

In our previous 2014 Vista stories, we reported (and showed you a render) that the taillights could ditch the traditional ‘christmas tree’ arrangement favoring a newer design. In the newer design, Tata could arrange the combination lights on the lower portion of the bootlid, thus giving the Vista a complete makeover.

Tata Vista D90 rear
Rear image of the current Vista added for reference.

The spyshot clearly shows that the brake lights have been arranged on the lower portion of the bootlid. In the current Vista however, the brake lights are like the old Indica.

You can also notice in this spyshot that the registration plate has been fixed on the bootlid rather than on the bumper. The front of the Vista would receive redesigned headlights, a more aggressive bumper and a new grille which seems to be influenced by the Manza Hybrid concept that was shown at the 2012 Auto Expo.

2014 Tata Vista spied front
Redesigned headlights, a new bumper and a chrome-bordered grille inspired by the Manza Hybrid concept round out the changes at the front.

The Tata Vista facelift would continue using the same set of engines as it does currently – a Fiat-sourced 1.3-liter MultiJet engine producing 75PS or 90PS, and a 1.2-liter 65PS petrol engine. The Vista is also available with a 1.4-liter TDI engine producing 71PS, though this engine complies with BS3 norms only. Would we get the CR4 engine as another option on the refresh setting a new high for fuel efficiency in the Vista range?

We should see the new Vista latest by February 2014 at the Auto Expo.

Next would you like to read more about the or more about Spy pictures, Tata Motors?

8 thoughts on “Spied – 2014 Tata Vista with completely redesigned taillights

  1. Tushar says:

    Wish they would have changed the face of Vista. If they want to keep same face, they should not carry the Vista face to Manza. Manza is a sedan and Vista is a “call center cab”. Nobody likes to associate their sedan with call center cab. I hope Tata will listen! Also in Manza the front and back are not in sync. Look at Honda Amaze, Chevrolt Sail, how smooth transition they have done between front to rear. I have never owned Tata cars. They are pain to maintain lot of relative and friends have owned tata cars and have suffered. Inspite of this I have a soft corner for TATA cars. I want to own TATA car one day. My heard says to buy a TATA car one day and my mind tells me to stay away from it! Manza when I sat inside was that car I felt was superb from inside till you walk around the car.

  2. atul says:

    I think it is the design field, that brought disaster for Tata. They had only vista style boring design for all of their vehicles. Same boring style of head and tail lights from indica to aria. Aria was not a MUV, it was an SUV and at beginning there was only 4×4 option was there but they design it like enlarged vista.

  3. Aravind says:

    Another point.. Why so less boot space in Vista? To sell Manza? Do most Indians can afford Manza? Why Figo, Polo, i20 are offering better boot space? Are people waiting in queue to buy only Tata cars?

    If you are not competing with yourself with various offerings, your competitors will do it. Do not assume that people will consider your range of cars only.

  4. Aravind says:

    Cant they get rid of petal shape headlamps with some sharp shape? it does not really match with their front grill.

    Tata is again missing something where market is going. Where everyone is going towards sharp look, they are still hanging with old stuff.

    Till few years back Tata was selling almost to the level of Hyundai. See where Hyundai now with their sharp styling. What the hell lot of difference in their previous gen Verna and current fluidic verna. Somehow Tata is loosing their touch with their market.

    Their best days were when they figured out what the market wanted – diesel, spacious, better ride quality and VFM cars. Lately many cars followed the same strategy – like Figo, Micra, Liva etc.

    Shouldn’t they found some new innovative features to remain competitive on the market? Following items would have helped them to stay in decent position

    1. More bigger cars. Indians love to carry more persons in a car especially when friends/relatives visits. They could have increased width of Vista and other cars so that we can take occasional 4th passenger in rear seat. This might have become VFM option for cost sensitive market like India where people cant afford 7 seaters.

    2. Better styling. Indica was looking better decade ago. But TM designers should have seen swift, i20 etc and have come up with better looking cars. Even a kid will tell that Vista does not match to swift or i20 in looks. If I were their CEO, I would have fired everyone if the design department.

    3. They got it dead wrong in branding. Indica/Indigo branding should not have carried over to Vista/Manza. They realized this very late.

    4. When the whole world is putting 7 seats in SUV, they have put 7 seats in an MUV and tried to sell with cost more than Innova. Have they ever seen how RAV4 kind of crossovers that have 7 seater option? everyone is going for crossover with car like construction but these guys gone other way.

  5. Anand says:

    We should appreciate Tata for their continuous improvements in satisfying customers. I recently saw couple of Indica / Vista, the paint quality was good and of course space is their + pint, no one can beat be it European / Japanese ..:) Let us hope some more quality product from them…

    1. laxman says:

      Even Tata always offers very safe products from crash point of view. Recently published.. Nano has greater crash safety than Alto.. really appreciated since road safety is becoming very critical now days… We all should support Tata group and we should give some time to them to improve the quality… May horizonext may bring some changes to the end customer quality….

  6. Prashant says:

    looks like something different is coming from TATA guys

  7. Rajesh says:

    cut + paste the front and rear of the long gone Palio Stile into the Indica and VOILA !! a new Indica is born….what more do we have to do !!!


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