Spied – 2014 Tata Vista facelift caught uncamouflaged?

Posted on: Aug 23, 2013 - 6:05pm IST

Has the 2014 Tata Vista facelift has been caught uncamouflaged? Thanks to this image from Team-BHP.com, we may very well be seeing the first glimpse of the updated car.

Though the front fascia is different, you will not mistake the 2014 Vista for anything else thanks to its familiar headlight design. We notice that the lights have been shortened and the layout of the grille reminds us of the Tata Manza hybrid that was shown at the 2012 Auto Expo.

2014 Tata Vista facelift

Tata Manza Hybrid Concept
The Manza Hybrid concept’s radiator grille matches the one on the above image.

The front bumper sports triangular airdams on either ends and this looks tastefully done. We don’t notice any other changes and the design of the wing mirrors and the surfacing of the doors seem to be the same as well.

Tata Vista facelift front
Image of the current Tata Vista added for comparison.

There are bound to be certain changes to the rear of the hatchback. Thanks to Indian Autos Blog reader, Kishor Gavhane’s spy shots of the camouflaged Vista facelift, we were able to take note that the test mule had decoy taillight elements. Tata may deviate from the conventional X-mas tree like lights giving the 2014 Vista a completely different design.

2014 Tata Vista facelift spied rear
Expect the rear of the 2014 Tata Vista to sport redesigned taillights, maybe deviating from the current X-mas tree layout.

The 2014 Vista is expected to continue with the same 1.3-liter Fiat sourced MultiJet engine available in two states of tune – 75PS and 90PS. The petrol engine, which is also sourced from Fiat, is the 1.2-liter FIRE outputting 65PS. The BS3 TDI could be upgraded to the BS4 CR4 thus enabling the company a wide range of variants across India.

[Image from – Team BHP]

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11 thoughts on “Spied – 2014 Tata Vista facelift caught uncamouflaged?

  1. Paul says:

    I have been using Tata Indica for the last 12 years and upgraded to the Tata Vista one year back. The drive quality and build has definitely improved on the Vista but it lacks the appeal to be a household car in terms of image and looks. Tata can make use of the design dept. of Jaguar Land Rover to improve the looks and turn it into the most hottest and affordable car in India…Proud to be an Indian

  2. Mohit Verma says:

    Gopi I totally agree with you.
    Vista is a great car.
    Its the mentality of Indian public that needs to be improved.
    The new design looks better than the current version in the market.

  3. $@! says:

    In short TATA simply changed the shape of the grill & front bumper.

    Why so much Brouhaha over this? The Test car is so much heavy camouflaged, as if they have completely revamped the design of their vehicle.

  4. Ganesh says:

    Another ugly makeover from the makeover kings. Whatever they do they look outright ugly, looks like a Taxi and looks like a Indica. the need to move away from this design and name and the vertical tail lamp design for their rest of the life.

  5. Aravind says:

    Though current Vista is more modern, still it looked like Indica. Unless Tata goes away from Indica design, people will not buy it. Not sure why TML is not getting this simple point.

    If I am in TML, I will not be convinced to release a car like this. I would obviously compare with Swift/i20 and this is nowhere near to them. I would ask the design team to come up with Swift or i20 like design.

    PS: I also hate ugly models from other manufacturers as well. Brio looks ugly (interior is good though) and Micra looks like a frog or modern ambassador.

  6. Dmitry says:

    I am not expert in auto industry, but I can’t understand, is it so super difficult to design a completely new body and put it on existent chassis? These facelifts and limited editions are driving TATA to nowhere. I am sure face-lifted Vista will retain tail lamps which date back to 1990’s Opels Corsas

  7. sandy says:

    Thankfully, some relief to our eyes from excess reflection due to excess chrome, but some design glitz still continue to hurt our eyes like the lower half of the bumper housing fog lamps which looks mismatch. I was also expecting for dynamic character line at the rear door. Anyway, not bad.

  8. Nikhil says:

    Is TATA out of its mind?

    How many times do they need to be reminded that their cars are not selling well coz of its ugly duckling designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are people who like some of their cars for the content they have but they dont want to be seen in one because of their “PATHETIC”, i will repeat ” PATHETIC” designs… And yes, i am one of those guys too..

    Please, someone convey this to TATA!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean how difficult it is for them to understand this!!!!

    1. Gopi says:

      If this car(VISTA) would in the MSL or other foreign rivals like Ford,Hyundai etc..then people say “What a stunning design! Nothing Beats that!!” like that,if it’s a tata means criticizing (‚ÄúPATHETIC” design).INDIAN’S mentality…TRUE FACT!!!

      Vista Looks great .TML plz change the Tail-lamp design.If they change the tail-lamp then it’s a complete car…

      LOVE VISTA!!!!

      1. Ganesh says:

        Gopi the truth here is they are running out of ideas and the designs are pathetic!

      2. $@! says:

        Agreed Gopi. VISTA is a great car. Spacious in the segment, Good Interiors & Engines ofcourse sourced from FIAT.

        But people cannot let go the TAXI image associated with an Indica. INDIAN’s associate INDICA with a Taxi & the same applies for INDICA VISTA too. It’s not easy changing the Perceptions of the Indian junta.


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