Indonesia – Tata Super Ace to launch in the coming months, “flexible” Tata Angkot van also in the running

Posted on: Sep 23, 2013 - 7:33pm IST

PT Tata Motors Indonesia today confirmed plans to launch the Tata Super Ace in the Indonesian market in the following months.

Tata Super Ace at IIMS 2013
With prices estimated at around 6.6 lakh rupees, the Super Ace will launch in the next few months with a 1.4-liter turbo diesel engine delivering 14kmpl.

In the press release sent out to confirm launch plans, Tata Motors say that the Super Ace has been tested and certified by a professional company, and the vehicle has passed the homologation process and unit type test in Indonesia.

Mr. Biswadev Sengupta, head of Tata Motors Indonesia –

We are ready to sell the Tata Super Ace in Indonesia in the coming months. Tata Super Ace is very flexible in meeting the needs of small medium businesses. This includes potentials to used by Public Transportation which has a high durability and superior comfort for business owners and passengers.

Tata Super Ace Angkot rear
A senior Tata Indonesia officer sounds upbeat about the launch of the Tata Super Ace Angkot passenger carrier which was showcased at the IIMS 2013.

Sengupta said he was surprised by the enthusiasm shown by visitors of various backgrounds on the Super Ace and the passenger application of the Super Ace (Angkot) that has seating capacity for 15 people.

Mr. Sengupta further added –

We hope that prospective buyers can be patient to wait for Tata Super Ace. Prospect of Tata Super Ace in pick up segment is very large. The growth is very big as Indonesia’s economic development. Tata Super Ace is believed to be a new option in its segment, can be a solution to mass transit or to be exclusive feeder.

Tata Super Ace Angkot front
The Super Ace Angkot has seats for 14 occupants and a driver, and an LCD screen for entertainment. It is the largest derivative on the Super Ace platform, outstripping the Venture.

The Tata Super Ace Angkot has a 14+1 seating capacity and is powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine. The passengers are entertained by a 19-inch LCD screen at the back. Some of its other features are powered rack & pinion steering system, air conditioning and power windows.

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13 thoughts on “Indonesia – Tata Super Ace to launch in the coming months, “flexible” Tata Angkot van also in the running

  1. Baba says:

    Looks cool but will be much better if the rim are bigger and longer tail lamp like Mitsu Grandis….

  2. Ar.nikhil aware says:

    Looks very proportionate..should have big tyres and more capacity engine…will definitely super hit in indian for big family’s…

  3. DRG says:

    Very good looking tata vehicle. All the best

  4. Dr. Nayak says:

    Probably best looking low cost people mover in the world!

  5. Dhananjayan says:

    Yeah!! the tail lamps are from Innova!!

  6. Patrick says:

    It’s almost good but with Innova’s taillight. I’m not saying the taillight is bad but they could have an original taillight made by them.

  7. smax says:

    Looks like they’ve literally copy/pasted the tail lights off an Innova!! funny.

    Spoils the brand image of tata in this new market as the overall product is actually quite good. Damn.

  8. Duston says:

    Seems the tail lamp is taken from Toyota Innova

    1. Guru says:

      Yessssssssssss… its similar to Innova 🙂


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