Report – Tata Motors planning two SUVs with Land Rover inputs

Posted on: Sep 26, 2013 - 12:44pm IST

Tata Motors is believed to be working on two all-new SUVs and helping them in the process is none other than Land Rover. Livemint reports that one of the SUVs will be priced at about INR 10-15 lakhs and a commercial launch during 2016 can be expected. Details about the second SUV are still unknown at this point in time.

Land Rover Freelander Dynamic Black
Company officials say that their sizes will be that of a Land Rover.

Both SUVs will be sold only under the Tata nameplate. A company official said –

We are talking about an SUV of the size of a Land Rover product but the attributes will not be anywhere close to them. Their inputs will come in architecture, performance, technologies, better body stiffness. That’s where we are planning to tap into their knowledge.

Another source who will be working with Tata and Land Rover teams on analytics and IT programming said that discussions between teams in Pune and UK have started.

Tata Aria new tail lamps
Another company official says that the Aria’s platform would be upgraded and improved for the new SUV.

And finally, another person who is also familiar with the development, said that the launch of the new vehicle could mean an early exit for the Aria. However the platform would see upgrades for use on the next generation SUVs. Land Rover’s expertise on suspensions systems would be utilized for the Aria platform SUV.

Tata’s Horizonext strategy has a series of products planned until the year 2020. Among the series of new products that would be launched, Tata has indicated that softroaders, both compact and mid-size, would play an important role.

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9 thoughts on “Report – Tata Motors planning two SUVs with Land Rover inputs

  1. VjM says:

    well guess you in your 40s and by the time we see the final product we will be in over 50s ..and with grandchildren going out for a drive. ..should we not have been there now …?its like we just come out of the shell and woke up in 2013 …and started walking in car ind

  2. k s pradeep says:

    let us sum it up in this way. as already requested n number of times to launch the defender in an basic version with an engine sourced from its current line-up. LAND ROVER DEFENDER an icon in every aspect and better known .more with the global trotters rather than our local customers this fact is enough to pop up the sales if at all it is launched here. Just procuring the body shell of the 90’s is all the the just thing to happen at the tata motors.

  3. Prashant says:

    Welcome move by Tata Motors..

  4. Milo Cruise says:

    Super cool idea…

  5. Ramesh says:

    2016! Will Tata Motors survive that long? The way their sales has been taking a beating, month after month, it doesnt seem likely.

    1. Ganeshram says:

      Hi, Greetings
      Tatas Have a DEEP POCKET and with
      Mr CARL SLYM at the helms at TATA MOTORS
      and Mr Cyrus Mistry as Chairman

      Both NopNonsenseGuys ….Take it from me
      by 2020 TAta Motors will be the Number 1 in India
      they have JLR in their Pocket we will get WORLD CLASS Products fromTATA
      All the very Best to TATA Motors

  6. HIren says:

    Great News.
    IAB seems always first to bring the latest news of Auto Industry (Indian) to the auto Anthus.
    Great work team kudos.. Keep it up.

  7. sashi says:

    Great ! Finally tatas found what exactly they are lacking!

    I strongly believe, apart from the modern design concerns and the problems with the service points, there’s nothing we can say against tatas..

  8. Vinod says:

    Great news. Can’t wait to see the final product. Surely the SUVs will be very good.


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