IAB Exclusive – Photographs of 2013 Karizma, Xtreme and Splendor HE Deluxe Eco available

Posted on: Sep 30, 2013 - 2:01pm IST

Here are few clear images of the upcoming Hero ZMR V2.0 besides pictures showcasing the updated Hero Xtreme and the Splendor.

2013 Hero Karizma ZMR front
This is the 2013 Hero Karizma ZMR!

Hero has announced that 15 models, either completely new or refreshed versions, would be introduced in India by March 2014. The following bikes are definitely among those introductions.

2013 Hero Karizma ZMR

Resembling the Pulsar 220 with a face mask that incorporates a twin-headlight assembly, the bike is also seen sporting a new fairing, new front decals, racing inspired taillight assembly (as seen on the new R15), new split seats, redesigned grab rails, larger windscreen, revamped exhaust and ORVMs that are mounted on the fairings.

2013 Hero Karizma ZMR side

Except for unshared engine specifications, the 2013 Hero ZMR remains unchanged in the aspects of suspension, wheels, fuel tank capacity and brakes.

2013 Hero Karizma ZMR

2013 Hero Xteme

The front fairing and the indicators seen in the present model have been replaced with a sleeker unit. The updated Xtreme is also anticipated with a new instrument console. Mechanicals will remain unchanged, with the same 150cc single cylinder engine belting out 14.4bhp and 12.2Nm of torque.

2013 Hero Xteme
There are no major updates to speak of in the 2013 Hero Xteme.

2013 Hero Splendor HE Deluxe Eco

The Hero Splendor HE Deluxe Eco gets changes in the form of new body graphics.

Hero MotoCorp during their global sales and marketing conference in Macau confirmed that the firm will introduce segment-first features across its range such as the engine start/stop system for better fuel efficiency, an electronic immobilizer for enhanced security and integrated braking system or IBS for effective braking.

2013 Hero Splendor HE Deluxe Eco
The body graphics seem overdone on the 2013 Hero Splendor HE Deluxe Eco.

Hero MotoCorp also stated that it would launch products in 50 new markets and targets to sell 100 million bikes by 2020. As part of the expansion strategy, Hero MotoCorp will also set up its production facilities in Rajasthan and Gujarat, and plans to invest INR 2,500 crore towards R&D and production capacity expansions.

2013 Hero Splendor HE Deluxe Eco front

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20 thoughts on “IAB Exclusive – Photographs of 2013 Karizma, Xtreme and Splendor HE Deluxe Eco available

  1. Aravind Anand says:

    Erm, did Hero have a booze party while approving the new Karizma? Are you kidding us? The P220 looked much more attractive when unveiled about 5 years ago! and still looks contemporary,. This is the lamest attempt at reviving a Legend. Unless Hero starts designing properly from a fresh slate again, Good Bye Hero! 😀

  2. deepak says:

    that karizma looks hideous 🙂

  3. Dr. Nayak says:

    It appears that all comments are more geared from the compotator’s perspective. Hero will do fine if they stick to what they have been saying in their press releases. It is a proud moment in the history of Indian auto industry where the new technology is being introduced by an Indian company for the first time on a mass produced segment. Design elements can always be criticized depending on the individual likes and flavor of the month. If Hero was with that Japanese company, they will be still counting Yen in finance department and tweaking carburetors at their so called R&D facility! Go Hero Go!!

  4. Arun says:

    they have made Karizma into Crapizma

  5. Charming says:

    I thought tvs is only brand who spoiles legends but hero is one step ahead…;-)

  6. Maninder Singh says:

    Kind Attention – Hero Motors

    Please don’t even try and launch these facelifts in market (except the Splendor DLX, anyways who cares about entry level player’s looks). You’re only gonna deteriorate the Hero, and specially “Karizma” brand name.

    Its a heart-felt request.

  7. Glen says:

    Xtremely disappointed !!! had a lot of expectations from Erik Buell on the next generation of Hero bikes but these pictures show a 2nd rate attempt by Hero/ EB to make a difference in the hottly contested Indian 2 wheeler market. Looks like Hero is more than happy to let Bajaj rule the roost!!!

  8. apn r says:

    Can’t make uglier than this

    1. sujay says:


    2. Vikram Viswanathan says:

      Wait for their next update!

      1. bikerboy says:

        Vikram… what makes you say that?
        I agree they initially screwed the CBZ n made CBZ extreme n then rectified in next minor facelift (just like Xylo), but after such a long delay if they have landed up doing this to the Karizma, then .. i really want to know the reason behind your optimism..

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