Honda Amaze records highest monthly sales in July while Duster records lowest ever

Posted on: Aug 2, 2013 - 9:30am IST

The official new car sales figures for the month of July 2013 are out. And as it turns out, the Honda Amaze has witnessed its sales peak during this month.

Honda Cars India has sold 6,515 units of the Amaze during July 2013. This is even higher than the month of May 2013, where Honda saw sales of the Amaze touch 6,036 units. We would have assumed that sales of the Amaze would have seen a dip given that the Ford EcoSport, another sub 4 meter contender, was launched at a shocker price of INR 5.59 lakhs.

Honda Amaze blue
Amaze production will be increased to reduce waiting period.

Honda Cars India has also confirmed that they would be ramping up the production of the Amaze to bring down the waiting period.

Mr. Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice President – Marketing & Sales, Honda Cars India Ltd. said –

Honda Amaze has clocked its highest monthly sales of 6,515 units during July 2013 and is maintaining very good growth momentum having sold more than 24,000 units since its launch. As a strategic decision, the company plans to start a third shift from November 2013 to reduce the waiting period of the Amaze. The idea is to ensure customer’s convenience and amplify production for the overwhelming demand.

Renault Duster compact crossover
Duster continues to be the one-man army for Renault in India though.

If its not the Amaze that has been affected by the EcoSport, who is it then? The Renault Duster has seen its sales slump to a lowest ever 3,089 units in July 2013. The Duster, which continues to be the one-man army for the French company, has seen a steady decline in sales since March 2013. After peaking at 6,313 units during March, subsequent months have seen numbers at 5,362, 5,146, 4,523 and now 3,089.

The INR 3.18 lakhs price difference between the top-end variants of the EcoSport and the Duster has been reason enough for many to choose the smaller, yet less expensive offering from Ford.

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15 thoughts on “Honda Amaze records highest monthly sales in July while Duster records lowest ever

  1. sri says:

    ha ha im very happy to see people move towards the Value for money car Ford Ecosport where as just for the bulky look the rest fall for Duster otherwise features are far better on ecosport only renault should feel for constantly increasing the dusters price and if they slash down the price its a shame for them so whats next ? only go is to go for a different model replacing duster
    finally i should say I was a heavy fan for Duster when it was launched but every 3-4 months i saw those culprits were increasing the price !! saying fall in indian rupee value but thats not the actual reason behind ! how many know that ?

    1. som says:

      u r just sitting and thinking i fu know ford u will never go for it keep thinking about 3k

  2. Winfred says:

    Amaze’s current run will continue for a while. Altleast the next 3-6months. As these are booking done even before the launch of EcoSport.

    No one would want to jump from a queue which will get the product in 3months to another queue (read EcoSport) which will deliver after 6-8months.

    The real damage on Amaze will be seen only after 3-4months and once Ford rampup its delivery capacity.

    You already see a dip in Dzire (dip from 20000 levels to 15000 level). This will only slip more with all the other mini SUVs in pipe.

    Where is Suzuki’s mini SUV. Concept was displyed along with Ford EcoSport. Trust the Suzuki India’s eyes are open. Their market share is slipping evey month

  3. Nikhil says:

    Brilliant News.
    Renault had the air of high handedness previously unseen owing to the only car in their stable that was selling.

    I was really keen to buy the duster, however on requesting a test drive they demanded that we come to their showroom.

    We decided to oblige and went there the next week, at the showroom there were people crowding the display vehicle and “a test drive” they arrogantly informed “cannot be offered unless we made a booking with down payment”. I decided not to feed this arrogance and walked away knowing that this will change with the ecosports arrival.

    We were among the first to buy the ecosport in our city and this news does not surprise me. Suzuki’s mini SUV is next in line waiti and see how Renault will come to your doorstep offering test drives. Indeed a buyers market now.

    1. Sanjay says:

      Nikhil same experience i had & now they r calling me so that they can send the car for TD i just shooed them away…:)

      1. DRG says:

        Ford too will face this kind of music soon. In the showroom, ford dealer said, they will allow a tad only for those who have booked ;). I know they will be after us in a few months time.

  4. Arpit says:

    Ecosport quality interiors and features also score over overpriced Duster. Lets see how Nissan is going to address that.

  5. Deepak Chablani says:

    Not really surprised with the consistent high sales of Amaze. Its a proper family car, just ideal for an Indian family -spacious cabin for 5 adults, big boot, best mileage, power and the Honda reliability and premium tag at a killer pricing.

    I feel the Ecosport sales might go down after the initial euphoria since its a 4 seater with limited boot. And, functionally, its just a hatch. Family buyers might stay away from it from a practicality point of view. And, the new upcoming mini SUV’s from Honda, Hyundai and Maruti might offer better packaging and value than the Ecosport for sure.

    I was not really shocked at the Ecosport pricing, but was shocked with the Amaze pricing. While Ecosport teases with a good pricing for the base variant, it has played crooked with a lakh price increase for its subsequent variants. Almost 11 lacs onroad for a 4 seater non SUV is a strict NO for me.

    Amaze, on the other hand offers the base Diesel variant at 6.03 lacs, with ABS as standard. And it does have the basic comforts like AC, Power steering, all door power windows etc. That’s killer pricing for a Honda machine for me !!!

    1. $@! says:

      Agreed !

      1. Gopinath Ambekar says:

        Honda vehicles are always good

      2. Gopinath Ambekar says:


  6. W110 says:

    Duster has still managed 3+k units? Wow 🙂 State of Nissan Terrano :p

    So, Its a wait and watch…

  7. Rokyah MZ says:

    Hi! I need to prepare the questions for my students on case study. Need your permission to use the information given here to make it real. Than you.

  8. Anand says:

    Duster’s sluggishness on sales could be possibly because of the news on the Duster upgrade as well Nissan’s Duster version launch spread across the net …. I am sure it is pretty good car and more space than Ecosport…

    Last week it happened to see few Amazes on the road at the night hours. I really liked the rear brake light jewels during night Hrs. I am sure Honda would be going strong against its competitors, once they ramp up their production from the new plants.


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