Ford dealers halt bookings for EcoSport Petrol; Diesel waiting period ranges from 4-9 months

Posted on: Aug 23, 2013 - 10:44am IST

Fact that the Ford EcoSport is gathering a huge number of bookings is no news. The compact crossover managed a colossal 30,000 bookings within 17 days of launch and we have seen Ford dealers put out a ‘waiting list’ board that gives you an idea of how long you need to wait for delivery.

Ford EcoSport waiting period
Have you come across the ‘EcoSport waiting list’ chart?

Indian Autos Blog reader Venkat Chaitanya sent us this image from a Hyderabad dealer on July 27th. At that time, the EcoSport petrol had a 180 day waiting period while the EcoBoost variants were taking anywhere between 90-150 days for delivery. The base diesel variants had the shortest waiting period at 30 days while the top-end diesel stretched to 180 days.

The scene is much different now. Ford dealers have stopped receiving bookings for the petrol powered EcoSport. It doesn’t matter which engine you choose (1.0 EcoBoost or 1.5 DuraTec) or which variant you choose (Ambiente, Trend, Titanium), the dealers are refusing to take your order.

Ford EcoSport launched in India instrument cluster
Bookings for the petrol powered EcoSport has been stopped.

After speaking to a dealer in Chennai, we learn that the diesel EcoSports can still be booked, however, the waiting period has shot up. Where the base Ambiente and Trend had a 1-3 month waiting period, now the dealer refused to commit a date within the next 4 months. For the top-end Titanium, we were asked to wait for a cool 9 months!

Even as the waiting list for the EcoSport is increasing by the day, Ford has already commenced exports of the car to South Africa.

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9 thoughts on “Ford dealers halt bookings for EcoSport Petrol; Diesel waiting period ranges from 4-9 months

  1. Rakesh says:

    Ford company is a big company in the world. The launched every manufacture car is the best on the road. The ford has always had the styling on SUV, and this has been attracting several people . The Ecosport gets keyless entry, pust start and off, Parking sensors, Bluetooth connectivity and attach all music system.

    We believe it could have been better.

  2. Rakesh Patel says:

    I mean near the Tail Lamps it looks bulgy.

  3. Rakesh Patel says:

    And some features of Ford Ecosport are not so good, the front grille looks like an open mouth, at the back at the ends of of the Stepney, its bulgy & the Speedometers look like Ears of a Cat or a Dog.

  4. Rakesh Patel says:

    If it is true that Ford is exporting Ecosports, holding & not delivering Local deliveries as per commitment then chances are that many will cancel their Bookings & go for some other options, as all won’t be in a position to wait. This way, Ford will lose a golden opportunity of stabilising thoroughly in India.

  5. JJ says:

    Dealers want to overcharge for quick delivery. Ford is manufactring in India and exporting, earning high on dollar exchange and promoting dealers to take ON. Genuine customers are being told bookings closed and existing bookings made to wait for a year. With this strategy Ford will never make it big in India.

    1. Rakesh Patel says:


  6. Kapil says:

    All cartel – like onions!

    Now the dealers are asking for a premium of 75,000 for Titanium! Went for test drive. Sales rep said if you want car within 15 days you will have to pay 1 lac cash to DSA. After test drive he came down to 75,000. And later he said you can negotiate with DSA…

  7. alex says:

    This is the case with such lazy manufacturers. Local demand is very high and they start exports now! instead of delivering ecosport to us Indians!

  8. vijay says:

    wonder what the duster sales nunber come out for the august


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