Report – Fiat Linea Classic to be positioned in the ‘C-Lower’ segment

Posted on: Aug 12, 2013 - 3:51pm IST

Fiat India had announced plans to break away from Tata Motors to independently retail and service its cars in late 2012. Staying on course, it has inaugurated 70 outlets in 2013.

The product plan is made of nine all-new and refreshed models from Fiat, Abarth and Jeep stables over the next three years and among the first batch of cars is the Fiat Linea Classic variant arriving later this year.

Fiat Linea T-Jet front three quarter view
Basavanhalli said there’s enough room under the T-Jet (pictured) that the ‘Classic’ variant can fill.

We caught up with Fiat India Managing Director Nagesh Basavanhalli at a recent dealership inauguration and requested him to give us the strategy behind the Classic variant. Here’s what Basavanhalli told us –

Clearly if you look at the Linea T-Jet, it has the technology and we believe based on the customer voice that a lot of people aspire to have that product. There is that segment that the customer craves for. When you come to the Linea Classic, that’s a specific part of the C-Segment. We are playing significantly in the ‘C-High’ segment. The ‘C-Lower’ which is the other aspect of the C-Segment, is what we believe is very viable and effective, and so we clearly are going after that market. We believe that the Linea has the legs to grow in the C Segment. However the Classic is not a sub-4 meter product.

Basavanhalli said that the Classic is likely to be already at the starting gate of the proposed nine cars. He noted that the T-Jet, which was discontinued last year and later reintroduced this June, isn’t part of the consignment.

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3 thoughts on “Report – Fiat Linea Classic to be positioned in the ‘C-Lower’ segment

  1. Rajeev says:


    Instead of bringing new versions of Linea and Punto, kindly bring in your 500L to India..You will have smashing success.

  2. Dinesh Shekhar says:

    Hello Fiat,

    As an average Fiat enthusiast, it was always my pain that Fiat’s popularity is diminishing in India day by day for some unknown reasons. It seems, the old Fiat (Premier Padmini fame) still haunts the Indian mindset. What Fiat should do immediately to do some serious brand building exercise. Yes, money is involved, but if you succeed in India, there won’t be a looking back. See th example of Maruti Suzuki. When Maruty started in India, Suzuki Japan was a large company, but see now. Suzuki’s largest facility is in India profit-wise, sales, or anything you compare. It took a long time and also the first-mover advantage was also there. It is still not late Fiat. Equally starting the brand building, launch affordable products like smaller SUVs like Ford Ecosport, Renault Duster, etc. and some futuristic looking models – surely, Indians will be with you. See the huge success of Suzuki Swift with Fiat’s own 1.3 multijet engine. So it is not about the technology or anything, but the brand as a whoe and the awareness. How can Ferrari’s parent company remain low in India where every third person is an auto enthusiast !!!

  3. Veer says:

    I think these products are there in the peoples mind from very long time and they need some changes to keep them interested in these products. By the time Fiat brings other products from Jeep stable…Fiat dealers would have to bleed to exhaustion. I personally suggest….product assault at regular intervals….Address many segments…Boost confidence in the existing customers….(they represent products in the society…their opinion matters a lot to new customers) Keep satisfying the new customers too…it certainly can bring some change in the attitude of the the people towards brand. (Improve the quality of plastics too)


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