GM India to be fined Rs. 3.4 crore for the Chevrolet Tavera recall?

Posted on: Aug 6, 2013 - 8:13pm IST

GM India is definitely at the receiving end for a major setback caused by the recall of 1.14 lakh units of the Chevrolet Tavera which failed to meet the emission norms.

After the wrongdoing of its officials came to light, the American auto giant has sacked many top employees who have got something to do with the debacle. It’s reported that GM officials manipulated the weight of the car and used a batch of already approved engines for the compliance test.

Chevrolet Tavera Neo3 launch

AutoX magazine reports that the government of India could penalize GM India to the tune of Rs. 3.4 crore for failing to comply with the emission norms. Apart from the penalty, the production of the MPV has been stalled thereby amplifying the losses.

The government has appointed an investigation committee headed by Nitin Gokarn, CEO, National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project. Necessary punitive action would be taken based on the findings of the committee.

In the meanwhile, GM India would recall the defective 1.14 lakh units of the people carrier and carry out the repair works with no charges to the customers.

The fiasco has highlighted the need for a more vigilant auto industry watchdog to ensure product quality.


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5 thoughts on “GM India to be fined Rs. 3.4 crore for the Chevrolet Tavera recall?

  1. Sandipan Basu Mallick says:

    Rs.3.4 Cr fine for 1.14 Lac Cars translates to Rs.298/- per Car. Is this what the fine amount should be?

  2. Anand says:

    I am staying away from GM, though I liked their models Cruz and Beat. Once I recommended Spark to one of my friend, stating that the mileage would be better than Maruti. Beat me, it is almost 5 yrs, even now, he is getting 10-11 in the City in such a small car. After so many complaints and changed the service stations, no improvement in the mileage. My friends are claiming that their Swift is getting 12-13 and I am getting 11 easily in my City Zx. Something wrong with GM.

    1. Sandeep says:

      Exactly, GM cars are good for nothing. Only plus point I found is, it has a spacious interiors like other american cars. But without a reliable engine and transmission it’s not at all worthy. My City gives me 14.5 average mileage with a 118 hp engine. Also the responsibility shown by Honda service center guys are incomparable to that in GM service centers. Learned a lesson, never go for GM again.

  3. Jay Termkar says:

    They are getting away very cheap…it should be at least 340 Crores…GM did this intentionally and now put blame on individual engineers and officers….and this is allowed in India due to weak laws, loopholes in the rules…and the corruption…believe me nothing will happen and GM will get away with it…If it would be USA, then there would be thousands of lawsuits against GM for this Fraud…

  4. Sandeep says:

    They should be fined 100 crore. I bought a 2007 model Tavera in 2010 and it was really a bad experience. It was spitting smoke like a factory’s chimney and not at all powerful. I spent almost 50K rupees in Chevrolet service center to fix it and they couldn’t do it. They were doing a trial and error kinda work. These service center guys are really useless and they had no idea at all, where the problem could be.They are learning the work by experimenting on our cars. I would never recommend buying a Chevrolet car.


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