Fully exposed – Brazil gets longer VW Up! with a steel tailgate; VW India take note

Posted on: Jul 6, 2013 - 10:21am IST

The VW Up! is a much awaited launch in the Brazilian market.

Indian Autos Blog has been following the Brazilian Up! for a few reasons. The main reason is because VW is reengineering a few things specific for Brazil. The Brazilian hatchback requirements are similar to that of India: They too would like decent rear seat space and a well sized and shaped boot. As a result, VW Brazil is ensuring that these issues are addressed in the otherwise European Up!

VW Up! Brazil longer version
Focus on the longer C-Pillar and the addition of the quarter glass at the rear.
VW up! Five door
Image of the European VW Up! added for comparison.

We reported saying that the ‘rear seat experience would be enhanced‘ and that the ‘boot space would be improved slightly’. Here is the picture that confirms our speculations.

There are two changes you should notice in this image. The first is the addition of a rear quarter glass which is not found on the VW Up! in its other markets. The second and most important is the extended C-Pillar of the car. Compare the Brazilian Up! with the European Up! and its obvious that an additional few inches have been added for Brazil.

VW Up! Brazil steel tailgate
Brazilian Up! will get a conventional steel tailgate ditching the full glass hatch.

These crucial inches of added space will go into increasing the boot space of the car. VW might also consider pushing the rear seats a few millimeters backward for better knee/leg room. We should know by October, as the Up! will be launched then.

Where the European Up! gets a full glass tailgate (like the Honda Brio), the Brazilian Up! gets a conventional steel tailgate. Maybe the local perception of a full glass tailgate was not a positive one? Even in India, we’re just warming up to the Brio’s glass hatch.

VW Up! India test mule
VW Up! spied in India has a full glass hatch though.

Is VW India taking note of these changes that are being made in the Brazilian Up!? Given the relation between the Brazilian and the Indian markets, VW India would be wise to ape the Brazilian Up!, when they finally decide to launch the car here (which is going to take a long time).

These images are thanks to Rafael de Souza Lima, an Autos Segredos reader who caught the Brazilian Up! while testing locally.

[Source – Autos Segredos]

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4 thoughts on “Fully exposed – Brazil gets longer VW Up! with a steel tailgate; VW India take note

  1. phaeton says:

    Hello IAB,

    Firstly love your work !!!

    I disagree with you on this up! having a LWB, the C-Pillar looks the same and rear door width looks the same as the Euro version.

    As you stated the rear window will have wind up glass and a conventional steel tailgate.

    When is the ETA of the up! launch in Brazil, would you think Sao Paulo Auto Show in October??


    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      Hi Phaeton,

      As of now the Brazilian media have got it confirmed from unofficial sources that the Up! for Brazil would be longer for the reasons mentioned in the article. The rear doors will remain the same (most likely) but the boot space could improve.

      The Sao Paulo Motor Show takes place only once in two years, and hence 2013 does not feature an edition (2012, 2014). But it seems like an October launch.

  2. Ayyappan says:

    The design looks bland, our little Indian Nano is far better to be honest.

  3. Bumdada says:

    Side profile looking like Zen Estilio…


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