Tata Motors launches stripped-down Indigo Taxi exclusively for Kolkata

Posted on: Jul 23, 2013 - 8:18am IST

Hindustan Motors, after a delay of three years since the BS4 emission norms came into effect, announced an Ambassador variant that is BS4 compliant. However Tata Motors has sensed an opportunity to quickly mount a challenge for the new Amby.

Aiming for a majority share in the taxi market, Tata Motors has launched a non-AC, non-power steering version of the Indigo exclusively for Kolkata.

Tata Indigo XL
Image of a long wheelbase Indigo used for illustration purpose only.

Priced at Rs 4.97 lakh, the bare-bones Indigo will be a challenging contender to the Ambassador fundamentally because the Indigo is superior to the Ambassador at just about every department. Secondly, for the economy minded taxi drivers, the Indigo will offer a higher savings thanks to the superior mileage.

While the Indigo has always been on the taxi market in Kolkata, this is the first time Tata Motors has exclusively launched a variant with no luxuries. Tata Motors has also announced a special annual maintenance contract and quicker service to reduce downtime. The cost of servicing will also be economized.

To encourage existing Amby users to switch to the Indigo, Tata Motors has launched an innovative exchange scheme wherein the exchange price of the car will be considered as down payment.

Tata Motors may have a superior vehicle that checks all the boxes, but the big hurdle it needs to overcome is the emotional link Kolkatan taxi drivers have for their iconic yellow Ambassadors.

[Source: thehindu.com]

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4 thoughts on “Tata Motors launches stripped-down Indigo Taxi exclusively for Kolkata

  1. Ayyappan says:

    Very good move. There’s absolutely no scope for comparison between the Amby and the Indigo. The Indigo is pretty much light years ahead of the Amby and it’s only a matter of time before Calcutta realizes the immense benefits of adopting a technologically superior car for taxi purposes.

    All over India, Amby was used as taxi once upon a time. But now, you hardly see Amby’s as Taxi’s even. The drivers and the travellers have become smarter and rightly so.

  2. Siddharth says:

    Well, its indeed a good move, amby’s comfort level is just disgusting with that engine noise, finally it will change.
    People, grow up, engine and specification wise Indigo is much better and also the comforts level. Ambassador is a pain in eyes.
    Hardly anyone uses ambassador as private cars, these days. The reason is very clear.

  3. Amit says:

    In spite of the archaic design that the Ambassador has, it still makes a lot of sense as a taxi – and its been voted by BBC TopGear (season 20) as the ‘world’s best taxi’. With its huge interior space, large boot which can gobble almost everything and superior ground clearance and general ruggedness to handle any kind of road condition, the Amby is the ideal taxi. Kolkata has traffic conditions which are more difficult than any other Indian metro and talk to any cabbie there – they still swear by the Amby simply because its the most economical and durable car for them.

  4. The Amby’s a god for taxi drivers in kolkata, seen the way they treat their Amby. The nostalgic value that the Amby has with the public, nobody can beat it especially Tata because none of their products have the character to beat the charisma of the oldy.


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