IAB Exclusive – Nissan Terrano sports a different interior, shows its instrument cluster outline

Posted on: Jul 11, 2013 - 10:24am IST

The Nissan Terrano has been caught testing once again.

Nissan Terrano spied

These images were snapped by Indian Autos Blog reader and founder of MyCopie, Gokulraj Kanagaraj. The Terrano was spotted on the NH45 which connects Chennai city to the Renault Nissan factory.

Nissan Terrano spied rear three quarter

Nissan has on test at least two Terranos as the number plates on this prototype is different from the one earlier spied. And even though Nissan India has released the design sketch showing the rear of the Terrano since, the prototypes continue to be camouflaged.

Nissan Terrano spied rear

At the front, the Terrano looks nothing like the Duster (on which it is based upon). The general comments from our readers seem to be pretty positive as to the looks of the Terrano.

Nissan Terrano spied instrument cluster

At the rear, the Terrano sports a split taillight design which certainly looks better than the Duster. While the design sketches did not sport a wiper, rest assured it will be available on the top end models, as seen on this prototype.

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10 thoughts on “IAB Exclusive – Nissan Terrano sports a different interior, shows its instrument cluster outline

  1. Avin says:

    NO ORANGE lights on the dash board please!!!
    someone above has rightly said – take some cue from honda/hyindai; I like to add Maruti and Chevrolet also

  2. Derestaud says:

    For people who still believe Nissan will provide a bland interior, you will be surprised! The interior will look more premium than Miicra and Sunny. if they can recall the Evalia to spruce up the interior and exterior design , they will again for the terrano, and the car will be super good looking inside out. The door handle will definitely be change to the conventional Nissan (grab) design. I am also sure Nissan will launch the petrol version and load it to the gill to target Ecosport. Anyway, Renault is not interested in the petrol version of Duster. Possibility of a cvt on the terrano is also possible ( same as Micra) with 6 airbags. Let’s wait and watch!

  3. NK says:

    Exterior changes do look positive.
    but pls. don’t disappoint on the interiors.

    Somehow Nissan seems to manage to overlook majority of Indians’ taste of the interiors.
    I (and many I know) are not at all excited by Sunny’s/Micra’s dash-board/interiors. It’s a total turn down. no-deal factor.

    Hope Nissan takes some inspiration from Hyundai and Honda-City’s interiors..

  4. VJN says:

    That door handle sure sticks out like a sore spot and makes it look like it’s from another era. The flat design and a separate keyhole just don’t seem to fit in with the other fabulous design changes. Why would you go to the extent of changing so many bits, including sheet metal, fancy alloys and even a new crease on the door panel and then continue with drab handles on that very same door? Hope Nissan will rectify this aberration before the launch of what is turning out to be a pretty stunning and complete compact SUV.

  5. Supratick says:

    Really would like to see a third row as an option in some models. And of course a diesel automatic. Right now that’s available only on the Verna on a sub-12 lakh range.

  6. COL SANJAY BAWA says:

    As per the blogs earlier the rear bench will not be standard it will be provided by the dealer if you need it,which I think is good
    Terrano should be much better than duster

  7. jacob says:

    I hope Nissan wont copy the Sunny/Micra dashboard design for Terrano because the dashboard design of Sunny/Micra ranks as the ugliest in India right now.

  8. Anil Kumar says:

    Hi Shrawan,

    I would like to ask one thing, any idea on the rear bench space? have they increased to match a sedan and not a hatchback standard?

    In the duster rear bench is not so good.



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