DC Design, India’s most written about design firm, is known for its love it or hate it modifications and their previous works on the Renault Duster and the Nissan Sunny stand as evidences.

Front fascia of the DC Hyundai Elantra

This time DC has gotten its hands on the Hyundai Elantra (Avante to some of you). You can see the outcome though the pictures they have sent us!

Front three quarters of the DC Hyundai Elantra

Like all cars that go under DC’s knife, the DC Hyundai Elantra gets a completely bespoke front grill which reiterates the love it or hate it appeal. The cars dons a matte black paint job and the custom grill is outlined in red. There are a pair of extra intakes under the headlamps and the vents sport honeycomb meshing. The fog lamps are new as well.

Rear seats of the DC Hyundai Elantra

DC hasn’t disturbed the visual balance of the side of the car. The crease along the length of the car is highlighted with red paint and so are the side skirts which have DC badges embedded in them. DC bespoke alloy wheels with black and brushed metal dual tone treatment are used in place of Hyundai’s boring design.

Interior of the DC Hyundai Elantra

Coming to the rear, a new stylish red accented diffuser with pseudo triangular exhaust tips and a honeycomb meshed vent top off the external changes.

The interior feels familiar with red being the dominant color. Seat, door pads, door sills, lower half of the dashboard and the steering boss are swathed in red. However, DC have restrained themselves from pampering the cabin with an overdose of equipment like powered recliner for the rear seats or a coffee maker.

So, do you fancy the DC Hyundai Elantra?

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  • http://burnyourfuel.com Kamal

    Hey All


  • sadsack

    We don’t need these modifications,
    We don’t need these monstrosities,
    Don’t muck around with decent designs,
    Hey, DC, leave these cars alone.

    All in all, you are just a pain in the a**.

  • Milind

    I really dont understand why DC even bothers itself, all their mods so far are highly cringe worthy, the elantra mod being the latest in a series of ugly,disproportionate modifications. They would have more success if they spent more time making better designed and better proportioned cars than waste their time on; for want of a better word, “rubbish”.

  • $@!

    DC screwed up this time!

  • timmy

    Finally the joker has a car to get away from batman… 😀

  • sidd

    can they make it look any worse from the front?