Ford India issues voluntary recall for EcoSport diesel variant

Posted on: Jul 12, 2013 - 9:41am IST

Ford India is conducting a voluntary recall on diesel variants of the Ford EcoSport. An announcement on the number of cars affected isn’t made, but the vehicle is hardly a few weeks old and most, if not all units sold so far, are likely to be in the purview of the program.

The cause of the recall has been confirmed – the default position of the Glow-plug Control Module (GPCM) has appeared to be vulnerable to malfunction or damage by moisture. During the monsoon season, cars usually wade through deep water-logged areas that may lead to the short circuit in the module, installed under the front bumper.

Ford EcoSport on the rear view mirror

Ford workshops will carry out the modification to move it to a safer location. The job would take about three hours to complete.

Ford India’s statement to –

As part of routine checks, we discovered a potential concern with EcoSport diesel variants related to the Glow Plug Module which requires relocating the module. We are contacting customers to take their vehicle to their Ford dealership to have the work carried out. No accidents or injuries have been reported related to this issue and this is a proactive, voluntary recall action to ensure customers’ safety and satisfaction.

Ford dealers are requesting customers up to 90 days to deliver their car and the recall is not expected to lengthen delays.

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12 thoughts on “Ford India issues voluntary recall for EcoSport diesel variant

  1. Harsha says:

    I am a proud owner of ecosport diesel , I was given a call from ford India for repositing glow plug module , it is not replacement , it took 2 hours for the job , and to my surprise I was given Rs 2000/- worth of diesel free.

  2. Ganesh says:

    The idiots at Ford tested this car for close to 1.5 years (just the India spec car). Approximately the same time taken by honda to sketch, produce and launch thier first diesel hearted car ‘Amaze’ and here’s the bummer.

    1. $@! says:

      Hahahaha lolz . Agreed

    2. sidharth says:

      agreed ,

  3. Tijo Joy says:

    Chip Planter,
    Do you Own a ford vehicle, if yes please let us know what are all the repairs that has been carried out on your vehicle due to the manufacturing defect.

    Gaurav Bajaj _ Sir the waiting period isn’t created, it is caused due to the market requirement. many people needed a car beyond its production capacity. Dont cry over it we Indian had waited a very long period recently for the so called great Hatch back “Swift”. I remember maruti quoting a waiting period of 8 -12 months for a diesel ZDI variant.

    Arpit – I think we should appreciate the fords attitude, they could have hidden this & changed it in the first service, but they didnt, this is unlike many other manufactures (eg, Hyundai for i20 troubles & Mahindra for XUV500)
    Instead they are calling each customers explaining what is the part that has to be done. Its first tiem in Industry in India.

    Soham Chowdhury – Glowplugs are used to preheat the cylinder and pistons before ignition for a trouble free start in winters. for Diesel Engines

    1. Gaurav Bajaj says:

      Dear Tijo,
      I was talking about the partial Ecosport Launch where only diesel was launched and not Petrol (Ecoboost) although it was so well advertised for months in the promotion campaign. And even Maruti did’nt have a waiting list of 6 months on the 1st day of the launch. It happened later much later.

  4. Chip Planter says:

    Autoheads, please welcome the (F)ix (O)r (R)epair (D)aily vehicle. this is just the start.

  5. Sunny says:

    Awesome work IAB & Shrawan

    I had booked a Diesel Titatnium expecting delivery soon

    Just spoke to my dealer immediately after reading your article , they confirmed some of the Diesel Vehicles have this problem which the work shop is changing it and the batch arriving now on wont have an problem

    Please keep us updated

    Sincere Thanks to you and your team

  6. Arpit says:

    Disappointed by Ford recall on the basics. If they made a vehicle capable for 500 mm water wading, then doesn’t it make sense to position the important part in the area where water is expected.
    Totally design mistake on the FORD part. Wonder how many more design mistake will come forward in time.

  7. Gaurav Bajaj says:

    Great work you are doing by keeping us updated of the latest happenings of autoworld on a daily basis.

    I was eagerly looking forward to Ford Ecosport since its launch on Auto Expo Delhi. Was very disappointed to see the falsified marketing strategy of Ford by just creating a hype over its launch. Only diesel variant was launched(practically), with 3 months waiting on first day itself. I am awaiting for Ecoboost whose production has not even started(sources). Contacted 4 dealers, none of them are giving a solid date. Some are speculating 5-6 months.
    What is the point of launching if you cant deliver and dealers are just keeping the booking amount 50,000 to 1 lac for 6 months without any guarantees. We came to know through your blog that deliveries of all variants to start upon launch, which is a distant reality.
    I just wish Ford could have been more sensitive to the needs of the end user.


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