Cut price, India-made Audi Q3 maybe called Audi Q3 S

Posted on: Jul 13, 2013 - 5:16pm IST

The Audi Q3 which was launched in India last year is currently imported through the CBU route. Audi India has confirmed to Indian Autos Blog that local assembly of the car would commence sometime in the end of July.

Along with the locally assembled Q3 would come a low cost version of the Q3 with a few missing features. Earlier thought to be called the Q3 Sport, we’ve some new information on this variant.

Front of the Audi Q3 petrol

Sources have informed us that the cut price Q3 would be called the ‘Q3 S’ and not the Q3 Sport. Internationally, Audi associates ‘Sport’ with their performance models or they use it in the form of ‘Sportback’ to convey the design of a car. Calling a Q3 which has been conceived to appeal to the price conscious as ‘Sport’ is not something Audi wants to do, our source informs us.

The Q3 S is likely to be priced at about INR 25 lakhs (ex-showroom). Features such as the panoramic sunroof would not be seen and the Audi Quattro system would give way for a front wheel drive layout.

Locally assembled Audi Q3 caught in Mumbai
Our reader Mr. Abhinav Suri caught the locally assembled Q3 on test in Mumbai a while back.

Since the Q3 S would be lighter than the Q3 TDI (the Q3 S would be a diesel), Audi is also believed to retune the engine accordingly to achieve higher fuel economy. Lastly the DSG automatic transmission would be replaced by a manual transmission.

Sources hint that the Audi Q3 S will be announced in India during the second week of August.

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5 thoughts on “Cut price, India-made Audi Q3 maybe called Audi Q3 S

  1. Rajesh Bhatia says:

    Dear Dr Nayak
    Locally assembled simply means that the product is brought into the country in pieces and then assembled here. The advantage to the car manufacturer is lower import duty. The advantage to the buyer is lower prices. The advantage to the country is it creates employment for the workers who now have jobs in the factories to assemble the vehicles plus the car manufacturer has to make the capital investment to set up an assembly facility. Though I’m also as wary of corrupt politicians as you are but let’s be fair to this particular policy that it is indeed in favour of the country and the imported car lovers. Regards.

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    What is this locally assembled crap? It is just a way to avoid the import taxes. What will be made in India? Die cut plastic carpets, radiator fluid, and engine oil? Perfect example of corrupt politicians at work!

  3. Umar says:

    If the cut price Q3 S is priced at 25L, what about the locally assembled Q3??

    Would not it cost nearly the same as the cut price Q3 S???

    Then all will but the locally assembled one.. Then what is the logic in introducing two models??

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      Hi Umar,

      The cut price Q3 S will be locally assembled. Above that would be the locally assembled versions of the regular Q3 TDI and Q3 TFSI. In short, all Q3’s would be locally assembled.

      1. Umar says:

        Thanking you for clearing my doubts.. Now I understand..

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