Official: 2014 Honda Jazz (Fit) Hybrid gets 36.4km/l

Posted on: Jul 20, 2013 - 1:32pm IST

After the first images of the 2014 Honda Jazz (2014 Honda Fit) were revealed yesterday, we have further information on the hybrid version of the new Jazz.

Honda has achieved 36.4km/l in the official Japanese automobile testing JC08 test (sort of like our country’s ARAI). This comes thanks to a newly developed 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine combined with an electric motor. The combined power output has been rated at 133bhp while the torque stands at 170Nm.

2014 Honda Jazz Fit hybrid engine

Honda’s Earth Dreams technology (also found on the diesel engined Honda Amaze) plays a part in the transmission. The Jazz hybrid uses an i-DCD (intelligent dual clutch drive) 7-speed transmission which has the capability to disengage the engine and the motor at the same time.

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Compared to the current IMA system, the new Jazz sees an improvement of over 35% in its fuel economy. The new system has three driving modes. The first mode enables you to drive on pure electricity without using the engine. While a range has not been mentioned, Honda says that a top speed of 40km/h is possible in this mode.

2014 Honda Jazz Fit hybrid

The next is the hybrid mode which uses the engine and the electric motor while the final mode uses only the engine. The Jazz (Fit) hybrid will be the most fuel efficient hybrid in Japan when it goes on sale.

The hybrid will go on sale in the Japanese market this September. The conventional Jazz should make it to our shores early next year.

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8 thoughts on “Official: 2014 Honda Jazz (Fit) Hybrid gets 36.4km/l

  1. Basyirudin says:

    I think most honda jazz would make consumers more comfortable with hybrid technology first in Indonesia

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    This is just a marketing gimmick at the best. VW diesel gives almost similar mileage at $5000 less and you don’t have to worry about battery replacement after 100,000 miles.

  3. Can’t wait PT. Honda Prospect Motor to launched the car in Indonesia. With the gasoline price go high, Hybrid car is an good option to choose

  4. Deepak Chablani says:

    Every bit of news that’s coming out about the new Jazz is path breaking. Honda is getting into a different zone altogether. Looks like the Toyota’s and VW’s will have plenty of catching up to do.

    Expect the Indian Jazz Diesel to deliver in excess of 27 kmpl considering the Amaze delivers 25.6 kmpl ?

  5. Civic Hybrid failed big time in India, Honda may not launch the Hybrid version and guess what is the least selling car in India Toyota Prius another hybrid! Indians dont have a liking for Hybrids.

  6. Chip Planter says:

    Hmm, they should reduce the pricing of this hybrid and rake in volumes. 36km/l sure gets the oil companies worried. Great work Honda, now please do something about the pricing of your products in India to make them more affordable to own.

  7. Pandi says:

    If Honda brings this Hybrid Jazz to india, what will be the approximate cost of car?

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      The Civic Hybrid when it was launched in India costed about 24 lakhs. The Jazz hybrid should cost about the same if not about 20 lakhs.


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