Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition kit to be launched from INR 56,000

Posted on: Jun 19, 2013 - 5:47pm IST

The Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition was launched today, among many other launches that we’ve been covering from camp Tata. So what is it all about?

Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition

General Note for the 2013 Model Year Tata cars and Pointers from the Press Conference

Tata tell us that all the MY 2013 products have been improved upon after taking into account feedback from the dealer and customer level. About 500 Tata employees met with the dealers and the customers before the start of the MY 2013 program. In general, Tata say that the overall reliability and performance of the cars have been improved.

Mr. Karl Slym, MD of Tata Motors, told the media that Tata Motors had planned products for the Indian market until the year 2020.

He also said that 150 new generation dealerships would be opened by this year. Not to mention, there would be 11 new service programs in the coming weeks.

Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition Part 1

Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition decals

Two cars were shown and both with varying levels of kit. We’ll talk about the basic one first. As you can see, you get some decals of a compass on the bonnet and on the side of the car. Apart from this, you also get a front nudge guard.

The headlights and the taillights get a chrome garnish while the front fenders get some ‘Explorer’ badging.

Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition logo

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14 thoughts on “Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition kit to be launched from INR 56,000

  1. Automate says:

    Storme is a VFM product. The explorer only enhances it. Compared to the mind boggling prices of more famous colonial and far east cousins this product offers a lot. With the current standing of Indian rupees in Global market 56000 is a deal. It has the ESOF2W to4W options though it does not have a 4L /4H Borge Warner Torque on demand function at least the review does not say that. Apart from that the explorer gives it a facelift, enough gadgets and prods to furnish a go anywhere attitude. Personally I hoped they would increase the fuel tank size from 55 liters to 70.. This is a huge imposing beast with immense road presence. It is taller and wider than both fortuner and Ssangyong rexton , though 5.5 cm shorter in length than fortuner and 10cm shorter than Rexton which is nothing. A vehicle of this size ought to have a bigger fuel tank. Next they should think of tweaking up the BHP and improve the 0-100 acceleration to less than 13 seconds

  2. Krishnendu says:

    All this is fine guys. Any news of the engine upgrade we had heard about few months back?

  3. Ayyappan says:

    The Explorer Kit definitely looks very exciting. Got very good feedback on the new Storme from one of my friends as a robustly built and reliable vehicle. Quite a few surprises from Tata’s this time around. I think they’re moving at a faster pace these days..

  4. $@! says:

    The 2Din Infotainment System & The leather seat covers are the only value add on’s here.

    Adding some stickers & Chrome here & there + above cannot account to 56,000 INR.

    TATA – One more pricing disaster.

    I am sure that there will be very few takers for this.


    1. Ayyappan says:

      To be fair to Tata’s, pure leather seats for a seven seater itself would cost around 35-40,000 rupees. Then add the 2 Din Music system, Nudge Guard and all the other stuff …the maths is pretty realistic.

  5. The cycle positioning looks odd. Cycle should be fixed in such a way that it doesn’t extend the width of the vehicle. Else driver’s judgement goes for a toss and cycle may hit other vehicles on the road

  6. Veeru says:

    Proof reading is also required along with passion for auto world! article headline reads “Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition to be launched from INR 56,000”. Seriously for 56000/-?

    1. Hi Veeru, 56,000 rupees is the price of the kit. It can be installed on any Safari Storme variant.

      1. Veeru says:

        hey.. I got that much from the article before even posting the comment! but the article headline didn’t convey that, that’s why I posted a comment on it.

  7. Milo Cruise says:

    Good updates for the Storme……

  8. abuna ventana says:

    i bought the xuv and now i strongly feel i should have gone for this.. not because of these versions, but thats simple and yet something striking than xuv, specially that white..


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