Render – Nissan Terrano in its production form is more intimidating than the Duster

Posted on: Jun 13, 2013 - 9:48am IST

Earlier in the week Nissan India officially announced the Nissan Terrano, their iteration of the Renault Duster, which is due to be launched in the coming months.


However, we’re sure many of our readers cannot wait that long to see the car. Which is why Shoeb, our design artist, has rendered the production version of the Terrano based on the sketch released by Nissan.

While it is obvious that Nissan will change the bumpers and the lights, some sheet metal changes are also expected in the Terrano for the sake of individuality. The hood for instance, bears two strong creases which neatly culminate at the grille.

Renault Duster at the Delhi launch
Duster has a U-shaped crease line through the front and rear doors. Terrano, from the sketch, gets an L-Shaped indent.

Another interesting change we spotted was in the side of the car. Where the Duster gets a U-shaped crease extending from the front to the rear door, the Terrano could have a straight crease towards the lower half of the car. This was spotted in Nissan’s official sketch and we’ve carried it forward in the render. For this change to appear on the production model, Nissan would have to reskin the doors, an expensive affair, but one that would bode well with strategy to launch a different looking Duster.

The alloy wheels would be shaped differently. What you see here is our imagination at work.

Nissan Duster render front and back
Could this be the rear of the Terrano?

Nissan will make a few changes to the rear of the Terrano to better differentiate it from the Duster. We’ll wait for an official sketch of the rear of the Terrano (or for one of our readers to snap the test mule) before we request Shoeb to bring us that angle.

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3 thoughts on “Render – Nissan Terrano in its production form is more intimidating than the Duster

  1. Winfred says:

    It will be great if they can put the rear bench on rails to have good legroom and boot balance.

    They need to change the entire theme of interiors. The duster’s work on the interior is for eastern europian farmers… Inida their target customer is entirely differt.

    Terrano will no longer have the first mover advantage or the price point advantage. Hence they need to spruce up the interiors to if not to Elentra levels but atleast to match Verna / Vento levels.

  2. Deepak Chablani says:

    This is really good. This is just not a re-badging exercise, there’s plenty of work done on the Duster by Nissan and it does look better than the Duster. Hope they provide better interiors, offer better tech kit on board and price it sensibly…Nissan has a winner on their hands for sure !

    1. Derestaud says:

      Rightly said Deepak. I have no doubt the interior will be spruced up. I have a feeling that the dashboard will be different too. Read the news from their own website, and you will see it is written in bold, PREMIUM. This let me think that we will get even auto AC, fine vision meter and touch screen and may be ABS+EBD as standard on all variants. I am sure the goodies offered in Ecosport as inspired them to do more otherwise, it will not sell. Although i have a feeling Nissan is betting big on this SUV to reposition itself, therefore, we can expect “creature features” in this car. And last not the least, i think we will get soon the new Nissan Path finder, Qashqai and Murano in India!
      The future look bright for us!


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