Review: Mercedes Benz A Class A180 Sport. Should you?

Posted on: Jun 7, 2013 - 12:25pm IST

So the Mercedes A Class. Where do we start? You’ve been hearing stuff like ‘Mercedes is entering a brand new segment….It’s a hatchback the size of the VW Polo for INR 20+ lakhs, how will it sell in India…’ and many other such lines. While all of those are true, lets talk about you. Should you buy the Mercedes A Class or not? Find out soon.

Mercedes A Class

All the info you need:

The A Class has been launched in both petrol and diesel. We’ve driven the petrol today as the diesel media vehicle is not yet available. The A Class will be available only in three colors – Red, white and silver. You can read about the A Class launch here.

Mercedes A Class red color
Only three color options for the A Class. And none of them are black! Weird.

Meet the new boss. He’s nothing like the old boss:

It’s a hot looking hatch! Even won the Red Dot design award in 2013. Turns heads? Certainly. Would I consider buying it solely based on its looks? Most definitely. You can even get your’s accessorized if you feel the need to.

2009 Mercedes A Class
This is the previous gen A Class.
Mercedes A Class A180 front three quarters
New A Class marks a radical styling departure from its boxy predecessor.

Can you believe the radical change in design from the old A Class to the new one? I would give the A Class a 10/10 for the way it looks.

Mercedes A Class A180 rear three quarter

Also, from what we see, the petrol gets the dual exhausts on either side of the car. The exhaust of the diesel is not visible at all. This is maybe because the petrol is sold in the ‘Sport’ trim while the diesel is sold in the ‘Style’ trim.

Mercedes A Class A180 petrol exhaust
Petrol in ‘Sport’ trim gets twin exhausts.

Should I go on about the boring stuff such as the coupé like C pillar and the lights and other things other people like to talk about in so much detail? No. The A Class is a good looking car. Indian Autos Blog does not wish to waste your time explaining about the very obvious (and often subjective things).

Mercedes A Class A180 diamond grill

Oh for all you anoraks, the grill up front features 302 diamond resembling pins. We counted (actually we didn’t, Mercedes told us and we’re telling you). The other available grill design internationally features two horizontal slats, but this design is not available for India.

Mercedes A Class A180 side

Mercedes B Class B180
Note the crease that extends upwards after the front door. The B Class features the same crease as well. Do all MFA cars get this styling feature?

Head to Page 2 for the Interior of the A Class

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5 thoughts on “Review: Mercedes Benz A Class A180 Sport. Should you?

  1. mithun says:

    I read in another review that its ground clearance is so low that it cant even clear an average sized speed breaker on an Indian road.What is your opinion on that?Will the diesal varient be even better.Is it worth the wait for it to be lauched before booking this one.

    1. Anjan Ravi says:


      It has as much ground clearance as a Honda Civic, maybe even a bit more. It clears average sized speed brakers, but you do hear it bottom out on a pretty big and long one. It’s much better than a Civic at clearing them though.

      The diesel variant has already been launched. We couldn’t drive it as there wasn’t a media vehicle available. If you’re after economy, the 20km/l ARAI claimed will satisfy your needs very well.

  2. Vijay says:

    Nice writeup. Happy to see an honest review. Most of the auto sites keep praising a Merc/Audi/BMW. It was interesting to know about the ride quality of A-Class on a bad road…Good job IAB !!

  3. sachin nagar says:

    the dark grey backgroung color is making it impossible to read anything . it should be white like the home page .

    1. Dear Sachin, can you please specify your browser make and version? Thanks!


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