GM India hopes to solve engine issues in Sail, Tavera soon, Production restarts from July 1

Posted on: Jun 27, 2013 - 3:16pm IST

On June 9th, Indian Autos Blog reported saying that the production of the diesel powered Chevrolet Sail, Chevrolet Sail U-VA and the Tavera were stopped owing to a few issues.

Chevrolet Tavera Neo3 front fascia
No issues as such with the BS4 Tavera.

We said that the BS3 diesel engine in the Tavera had an emission issue, while the 1.3-liter Fiat sourced diesel engine powering the Sail and the Sail U-VA had some ‘quality issues’.

Autocar now reports that GM India will solve all these issues by July. It is believed that a surprise check by the ARAI led to the discovery of these issues with these cars in the first place.

The diesel engines for the BS3 Tavera is made by AVTEC, who say that there is no problem or issues with engine emissions from their end. As a result, GM India has launched an investigation and hopes to re-start production from July 1.

Chevrolet Enjoy front
Wouldn’t quality issues with the 1.3-liter diesel affect the Enjoy also?

A few questions remain unanswered though. If the problem was detected through a surprise check, then wouldn’t there already be certain affected cars sold to customers before? Would GM India issue a recall for these affected cars, if any?

The 1.3-liter diesel engine powering the Sails is also seen powering the recently launched Enjoy MPV. So if there were to be a quality issue with this engine, wouldn’t it also affect the Enjoy?

[Source – Autocar India]

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4 thoughts on “GM India hopes to solve engine issues in Sail, Tavera soon, Production restarts from July 1

  1. j s khurana says:

    I have bought Sail Diesel in March. The problem faced are many with no response from GM. The emission of black smoke/fumes is from Day one, the noise level is very high, mileage is low. Peculiar problem is leakage in the front leading to water ingress in the parked car during rains.
    I feel we have made big mistake by going in for this car.
    Prior to this we have purchased Beat in Nov2012 and based on our experience we bought Sail. But now regret. In case anyone form GM is reading this – I believe they don’t.

  2. rnmr says:

    I Bought a SAIL SEDAN LT DIESEL and within a month problem started ,
    the car emits a heavy black smoke and very poor mileage of 8 or 9.

    after servicing it for 3 to 4 times in the authorized service center nothing got improved , and when contacted the show room , they said contact Service people.

    i sent mail to GM and SIAM and got call from Local service center to bring the car once again for service. in the Websites and from other sources heard that they will completely replace the faulty engine but this news was denied by service center people as they dont have official message from GM.

    GM is not recalling or replying the customer’s who trusted it and bought the vehicle
    in faith . this is a kind of betrayal shown by GM to its customers.

  3. vc says:

    This has made a big dent in brand GM’s reputation in India……Customers are bound to have a suspicious look at their products, if GM doesn’t take some assuring steps to restore people confidence…..GM should come out…& ….clear the clouds of secrecy.

  4. Ramish says:

    These are Chinese models and now quality issues… Beat could have done wonders, rightly prices but not as per customer requirements, claustrophobic rear with no legroom. Indian customers need space thanks to family size with big & fat proportions
    Now, only GOD can do a miracle and secure the future of Chevrolet in India unless they bring a quality product which can compete with Ecosport at a price 50K less (which may not be possible). Chevrolet, we will miss you in Future 🙁


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